September is right around the corner, and with thoughts of changing leaves and cooler weather comes the back to school season. Whether your children will be attending in person or digitally, routines will change drastically in the coming weeks. Though school may look different than it has in the past, one constant is that working parents will begin their search for the top after school programs for their kids. 

While safety is always a first and foremost concern for parents when selecting a program, it is even more prevalent now in our current world. Because of this, it is essential that after school offerings are taking the threat of Covid-19 seriously and are taking the appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of disease.

The Extension of Student Learning in Purchase, NY

The Top After School Program for Students in Purchase

While safety and cleanliness are, especially now, the most important factors, one more factor should be considered alongside this: the extension of learning. Why pay for someone to simply babysit or supervise your child, when you could seize the opportunity for your child to engage in social and emotional learning activities beyond the classroom that will allow them to grow? The past few months have definitely tested adults and children alike, and it is more important than ever for students to collaborate with others and enter the world of experiential learning. 

Luckily, if you are near the area of Purchase, New York, you will find the perfect program at Boundless Adventures that checks off your boxes for both safety and learning. This aerial adventure park will not only excite your child and stimulate their minds and bodies, but it is fundamentally designed to help your child fulfill aspects of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) that is a pillar of New York’s school curriculum. 

The Boundless Adventures After School Program

Top After School Program for Students in Purchase

As a member of Boundless Adventures’ after school program, your child will be able to tackle rope and zip-line courses nestled amongst the trees. There are four levels of courses that vary based on student age and difficulty level, and of course the level of daring that your child may have. These obstacle courses involve bridges, balance beams, rolling elements, and more, so the most obvious benefit is the extension of physical activity beyond school. 

Most important though, perhaps, is the SEL that was lacking when the world essentially shut down in the spring. While tackling these obstacles, your child will work with other children and adults. They will practice self awareness and self management as they process their fears, make calculated decisions, and engage in play. They will be provided with the unique opportunity to practice social awareness in small group classes that tackle fears and solve problems together. This, in turn, will strengthen their relationship skills and ability for responsible decision making, and these elements make up the five essential components of SEL. 

A Socially Distant & Safe After School Program in NY

Boundless Adventures of course offers a socially distanced and unique fitness opportunity, but they know your primary concern is the safety of your loved ones. This is why reservations are mandatory for park guests, who will be screened upon entering. Staff will enforce social distancing requirements as well, and your child will have access to hand sanitizer stations throughout the park. Equipment is regularly disinfected, and staff will wear PPE while working with your child. Finally, Boundless Adventures asks that masks be brought for harnessing/de-harnessing scenarios in addition to check-in at the park. Boundless Adventures is committed to the protection and growth of our society’s youth. Their mission is to provide opportunities for fun that also capitalize on learning. Because of this, they are the perfect choice for your desperately sought after, after school program this year.