There is a buzz in the office. Can you feel it? People are smiling, chatting to each other, and taking a moment to share a cup of coffee and a snack.

It’s easy to chalk it up to a post-pandemic surge of happiness.  Regardless of the reason, it’s an incredible indicator of the way you need to make your employees feel.

Team bonding events are one of the best tools that employers have to drive staff happiness, satisfaction, and engagement.

As one of the leading adventure parks in the New York area, we’ve seen how the great outdoors can bring teams together.  In fact, we’ve had teams from all different industries visit our parks in NY, MA & WI.

So, let’s dive into the top three benefits of team bonding activities! 

Team Building Events – The Top 3 Benefits 

1. Discovering Hidden Skills and Talents

Something that you might not think about when it comes to a team bonding event is the possibility to unearth some hidden skills and talents. Think about this: How much do you really know about your employees?

Yes, you might see them most days in the office (or on a video call!), but can you say, for sure, that you know what they like, what they do outside work, and what they are great at? 

A team-building event will let you find out just that. Perhaps, Mary from Sales is also an incredible and super-persuasive orator. Or, Jamal from Accounting is the funniest guy you have ever met.

Take note of what you discover through these events, as your staff’s hidden talents might also be very useful at work.

2. Enhancing Employee Mental Health

Promoting, celebrating, and safeguarding good mental health at work has finally been recognized as one of the top priorities for employers. Are you doing enough about it?

If not, put your thinking cap on and try to come up with some fun ideas for team bonding events. These activities, in fact, can do wonders for your staff’s mental health.

For example, organizing an outdoor event will allow you to combine the well-known restorative powers of nature with the social aspect that comes with team-building events. Both can greatly improve your employees’ mood and emotional well-being.

3. Improving Physical Health 

Yes, not every single one of your employees will be a gym fanatic. Still, this shouldn’t discourage you from organizing a team bonding activity based on physical exercise.

The beauty of exercise is also its versatility. There is no need to train your staff for the next marathon! You can simply suggest a yoga session or something more energetic like a swimming course or visiting an exciting adventure park!

It can be useful to run a survey beforehand so that you can get a better feel for what your employees like and dislike. Based on that, you can decide which type of activity to organize.

Trust us: After one of these events, your team members will feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and full of energy!

Team Building Events to Boost Your Staff’s Productivity and Morale

If you are looking for fun, easy ways to enhance your employees’ morale while also boosting their productivity, team-building events are the answer.

With more than a dozen courses for all skill levels, we promise to challenge your teams and let them learn about themselves (and each other)! 

Even if you’re looking for a team-building event in an area other than NY, MA or WI, we encourage you to look towards the great outdoors.

Ready for your team-building adventure? Take a look at the options that we offer here at Boundless Adventures!