At Boundless Adventures, we believe in the power of the staycation.  Sometimes, traveling far and wide isn’t feasible for your family, whether it’s because of costs or a lack of time.  Luckily, staycationing has made planning an amazing vacation near home easy and accessible.  For the adventurous, fearless family, here are our top tips for planning an amazing staycation in Westchester county, New York.

Things to do with kids near me

  1. Know your audience.

The easiest way for a staycation to go downhill is planning to do something that your family doesn’t enjoy.  For instance, going to a waterpark if your children don’t know how to swim.  This is an extreme example, but it’s important to keep your audience in mind when planning a staycation.  Everyone should be excited to go on the adventure, and remain excited for the next one.  Consult everyone in the family, and see if there’s anything they’re all interested in doing.

At Boundless, we pride ourselves on putting safety first.  This includes ensuring that all our visitors feel confident in themselves before going up in the trees.  However, knowing that a visit to our aerial adventure parks, where zip lining, climbing, and traversing are all part of the fun, is right for your family comes from you.  Check in with your kids before and after coming to one of the parks, so that you’re all on the same page.

2. Become a tourist in your own town.

The most rewarding experiences in a staycation are when you find attractions right in your hometown.  If it’s difficult to think of an activity you haven’t tried before, try looking at your town through a tourist’s eyes.  For instance, there may be an art gallery or butterfly garden where you usually go shopping.  Many towns have museums exploring the local history, or rotating exhibits with something new each month.  Are there eateries in town you haven’t tried yet?  Exploring your home with new eyes not only gives you the chance for new experiences, but gives you a deeper appreciation of the gems hidden right next door.

Our New York park is located in Westchester county, which is about forty-five minutes from New York City.  Besides visiting the park, there are a plethora of fun activities right around the corner.  Visit art galleries on GreenwichAve, explore a museum in the city, or ride rollercoasters at Playland Park.  There are hundreds of adventures waiting right next door.  If you want to spend even more time at the park, we often have special event days where you can challenge your climbing times or zip lining prowess.  No matter how much time you’ve spent, there’s always something new to do at the park—another course to traverse, or another ledge to leap off.

3. Check in with others.

Once you’ve found some possible attractions and have had them approved by your family, it’s time to see what other people have to say.  On websites like Yelp and Facebook, you can find reviews of every restaurant, rest stop, and attraction you may want to visit.  In addition, traveling locally means there is a high chance your friends and neighbors have explored where you want to go.  Using input from people you trust, reviews, and your good judgment, you can determine which stops are a must-see for your family, and which you’re better off skipping.  Doing further research also allows you to weigh the cost of the experience, and ensure it’s in your budget for the day.

It’s extremely important to the Boundless Adventures team that all our guests have an amazing time at our parks.  We are very active on social media, where we answer questions, respond to feedback, and run giveaways to give back to the Boundless community.  Seeing families and friends return to the park time after time fills our heart.

4.  Expect the unexpected.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong on a staycation.  In case that something occurs that you weren’t planning, remember to pack snacks, portable medicine samples, activities for the car, and any first aid supplies you may need—you can never go wrong with extra bandages and baby wipes.  This will keep everyone in high spirits, and ready for the next attraction.

In our parks, we strive to give every guest a sense of comfort and trust in our staff and the park grounds.  Safety comes first no matter what; so all visitors go through a mandatory tutorial on climbing in the park, which includes the technicalities with the equipment and how to maneuver through certain elements like the zip lines.  We also have water, snacks, and merchandise available for purchase, as well as first aid supplies and trained officials.

5. Leave fear at the door.

Staycationing is one of the best ways for your family to bond.  These shared experiences will become treasured memories recounted at every get-together with laughter and love.  For the most rewarding staycation, choose activities that challenge you and your family to step out of their comfort zone.  Growth doesn’t need to happen inside the classroom, it can happen at an aquarium or a waterpark or a butterfly garden or an apple orchard.  For the best staycation, be ready and willing to try something new—especially if it scares you.

More than anything, Boundless Adventures is about being unafraid to try something new.  Aerial adventure parks are popping up around the world, but they are still a new type of attraction for your family to enjoy.  To be successful at our parks requires setting aside the fear of the unknown, and plunging in headfirst.  People get the best out of a Boundless Adventures experience by being ready and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the end of the course.

In Purchase, NY, Berlin, MA, and Kenosha, WI, thousands of families have experienced their perfect staycation with Boundless Adventures.  Our aerial adventure parks give you the chance to rock climb, zip line, traverse, and swing your way to success.  Amidst the treetops, you’ll challenge yourself to reach greater heights.  Perfect for thrill seekers and people who want to try something new, regardless of age or skill level.  At Boundless, it’s all about the altitude.  Book your adventure today at