Planning a field trip for your classes or school can seem like a daunting task.  Luckily, we already know the perfect spot for you to plan your next school field trip in New York. 

Due to the global pandemic that started in 2020, the amount of school field trips has plummeted. But as it gradually comes to an end, schools are looking to get back to learning outside the classroom.

There are endless possibilities as to where you can go here in New York, but we have a special spot in mind.

While we know that pitching Boundless Adventures to those of you in the Purchase, NY & Westchester County areas is the perfect fit…we want you to fall in love with the idea of going to an Adventure Park.  We obviously hope you choose us, but if you can’t due to your location, we still want you to plan a killer field trip. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider an Adventure Park for your NY school field trip.

1. Active Thinking and Learning

They say that the best way to learn is by doing! We’re not sure there’s a better fit than an outdoor adventure for your students.  

At our adventure parks, students get a mental workout by overcoming tough problems. They will be actively learning how to work out routes over bridges and avoid obstacles along the way. While you can talk through this in a classroom, there is nothing like truly learning in the moment! 

Here, children get to think for themselves and develop different life skills.  This is easily your #1 selling point when planning your NY school field trip.

2. Health Benefits

Unfortunately, around 14.4 million kids aged 2 to 19 in the US suffer from obesity. School trips to adventure parks get kids moving and exercising in the fresh air of the outdoors. When kids experience the fun outdoor lifestyle, they will want to continue doing so in the future.

Our top-class adventure parks are lined with rope bridges, ziplines and obstacles for them to overcome. Kids get a physical workout without even noticing and have a blast doing it!

If you’re concerned that some kids may not be at the proper skill level, we, fortunately, offer different courses for every skill level. Younger students or first-timers will enjoy the beginner’s courses, while those more experienced can tackle bigger challenges.

At the end of the day, an outdoor experience is the perfect way for your students, or your school, to enjoy their school field trip.

3. Social Interactions

When children go on a school trip, they do a lot more talking and interacting with others. They will talk more with their teachers and meet with other adults working at our parks. More importantly, they will communicate more with their classmates and create more friendships.

With all of these interactions, this will massively improve their social skills. We think social interaction is very important, especially after all of the remote learning our students have experienced. 

A day out at the adventure park brings that comfort and joy back into the school. It’s the same way professional sports teams or businesses go on team-building days.

Make the Most Out of Your NY School Field Trips

School field trips might be a small break from school, but they are not a break from education. A fun school trip to an adventure park comes with plenty of benefits, but the priority is always on their education and development for the children’s future.

Now you know the benefits of visiting an adventure park. So, all that’s left to do is book special school tickets for a park nearby.

As the premier Adventure Park in the Purchase, Westchester County, and the surrounding New York area we can’t wait to see you and your students in the trees!