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Calming Your Nerves Before Ziplining: 5 Tips From Zipline Pros

Ziplining has literally taken off across the country with an estimated 400 zip lines to choose from here in the United States!  Here at Boundless Adventures, and across the US, zipline professionals utilize their ziplines 70 million times a year! That means countless safety briefings, adventures for visitors of all experience levels, and memories you’ll […]
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What Can I Do at an Adventure Park? An Insider’s Guide

Adventure Parks continue to thrill and excite visitors of all ages across the world.  That’s because there is no limit to the things you can experience and see.  Did you know that one way to become more confident and adaptable is to step outside of your comfort zone?  You can reap these benefits and more […]
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Where Are the Best Places to Zipline? A Guide

When it comes to picking the absolute best places to zipline, it’s an impossible task.  We’ll always make the argument that Boundless Adventures is the answer.  But for some of you, traveling to our NY, MA or WI parks may not be feasible.  In those cases, we’d consider where you are located or traveling to […]
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Tips for Finding & Visiting a Zipline Park Near Me

What could be more fun and invigorating than a trip to a zipline park? If you’ve never felt the excitement of whipping down a zipline with the wind in your hair, then what are you waiting for? If you were looking for an excuse to check out your local zipline park—then this is it! But […]
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The Ultimate Zipline Guide: 7 Tips For the Time of Your Life

NY Adventure Park 2018
So you’re thinking about going ziplining for the very first time. We can promise that it’s an experience unlike any you’ve experienced before, especially if you do it at an aerial adventure park. In fact, we’ve been ziplining across NY, MA and countless other places for more than a decade. That means we’re an authority […]
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