New York Adventure Parks

It may seem obvious to say, but not all New York adventure parks are created equal. The goal of any adventure park is to provide fun and entertainment for the entire family at an affordable price.

While you’re bound to have a great time at any adventure park you choose (we hope you’ll give us a visit!), we’ll show you some things you need to look for when making the choice between parks.

After all, you want to have the experience of the lifetime in the great outdoors.

The 3 Things You Should Look for in an NY Adventure Park

This could be an endless list of things to look for, which is why we broke it down into 3 main categories. We’ll focus on what the park has to offer, the safety of the park and the park’s reputation.

What Does the NY adventure park have to offer?

Since you likely haven’t been to the park before, take a look at the park’s website. They should have pictures, videos, and descriptions of many of the things you’ll come across during your visit.

This could include food options, a store (with keepsakes, shirts or even the essentials you need during your trip), the courses and where everything is.

Each park is going to be different, but if you really want to adventure through the trees you’ll be looking for an adventure park like Boundless Adventures. If you’re looking to zipline for most of your trip, make sure you find a park that suits what you’re looking for.

While we want you to adventure at our park here in NY, we want you to love the great outdoors even more.

The Safety of the Park

Every adventure park, aerial park, amusement park and similar parks should always be focused on your safety.

Rides, zipline and outdoor adventure parks should be inspected regularly for safety by the park staff and by the state to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

While the experts will make sure everything is safe, you can always ask the park or their employees about the safety options they have at the park.

For example, at Boundless Adventures in NY we use the following safety measures for every guest:

  • We use the most advanced safety equipment available to minimize risk. Participants wear a full-body harness and are locked on to a safety line through an always “on belay” system.
  • Two carabineers are connected together and do not allow users to fully disconnect from the safety line. Participants are unable to come “off belay” until they are firmly on the ground.
  • This system provides the climber with the security of knowing that he or she is always attached to a safety line, while allowing them to independently navigate the course.

Remember, if you don’t feel safe at any point (in any park) say something.

The Adventure Park’s Reputation

A parks reputation will tell you everything you need to know about they do business.

You want to see positive reviews, comments on social media and people posting about their trip.

Regardless of which NY adventure park you visit, you’re going to interact with several different staff members, countless different courses and hopefully make memories that last a lifetime.

Look for reviews on Facebook, Google and anywhere else you can find them (We promise you’ll see some great reviews about Boundless Adventures once we open!).

Don’t let a few bad reviews turn you off from a park, but use all of the reviews to help guide your decision when deciding between different parks.

The Best Adventure Park in NY

The best New York adventure parks are the ones who have gone the extra mile when it comes to quality, reliability and customer service. Watch for reviews or talk to your friends and family about their experiences.

When Boundless Adventures opens in Purchase, New York in 2018 we hope to start building the reputation as one of the best parks in the area.

We encourage you to look into every adventure park in the area (including us) to see what looks like it will be the best fit for your weekend adventure.

With a little research during the offseason, you can find the best New York adventure parks to visit next summer!

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