Owning an aerial adventure park  was never supposed to happen for me. Most of my life I was petrified of heights. It wasn’t until – at my husbands urging – that I finally gathered the courage to try a high ropes course. At first, I was mortified. But with motivation from their great staff members and the security I felt by being strapped in on the line, I found confidence I never knew I had.

Now, my husband and I are owners of Boundless Adventures in Purchase, NY (see all of our aerial adventure parks) and live to give other people a chance to conquer their fear of heights and explore life in the trees. So, to give you a little motivation to try out zip lining for yourself, check out these 4 facts on ziplines.

Overcome your fear of heights

  1. Ziplines are popular everywhere.  There are commercial ziplines in 26 European countries (even a country called Andorra which I hadn’t even heard of before!),  14 countries in Asia, and even 3 countries in Africa (South Africa, Mauritius and Nambia. And of course there is a commercial zip line in every state in the U.S.
  2. The longest zipline in the world is in the United Arab Emirate.  At 9,290 feet the longest zipline in the world reaches speeds of 150km/h.
  3. Some people zip line for 12 hours straight!  The longest zipline course is the Screaming Eagle.  It had 135 ziplines and spans 39,127 feet in Whitesburg, GA.
  4. Jack Reynolds zip lined at 106!  He set his  3rd world record on April 6, 2018 when he zip lined at the age of 106 in the United Kingdom – on his birthday!

Why zipline at Boundless Adventures – Purchase, NY?

There are so many reasons Boundless Adventures is the right place to overcome your fear of heights:

  • Our staff lives to motivate people and is well-trained in providing a secure experience
  • We have zipline options for all skill levels
  • Read what our happy adventurers have to say
  • Unlike other zipline parks, we have real bathrooms 🙂