Would you like to have your kids try something new and exciting this summer? Have your kids been to Boundless Adventures and ask you to take them back? Would your kids like to test their boundaries and surpass them?

We are going to offer a week-long program the week of July 20th from 3-6pm daily.

The cost for the week-long program will be $250.

There will be at least one staff member for every 8 children with a maximum of 25 kids ages 8+.

Kids with limited experience will be given the opportunity to improve on the basics, while those advanced climbers and gymnasts will be able to traverse harder courses than they would be allowed to do with their parents. 

There are 4 different levels of difficulty, so there will be something for everyone.

Our mission is to help everyone conquer their fears and gain self-confidence. Our staff are patient, and will send all of your kids home feeling accomplished!

Book your Summer Program Experience Here!

Email us at lorrie@boundlessadventures.net with questions or to sign up.