At Boundless Adventures, we believe in the power of the staycation.  With so many days off from school, vacations aren’t always an option due to household budgets, job commitments, etc.  “Staycationing” has become a popular way to have some great family bonding time taking part in activities that are much closer to home.  For the brave and fun loving families, here is our advice for devising the best staycation in the greater Boston area.

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1.Consider past adventures.

What activities has your family participated in that left the best lasting impression? When did you feel most bonded with your family? Talk to your family and get their input as well. Everyone should be excited to go on the adventure, and remain excited for the next one. 

At Boundless, we believe that safety comes first.  We provide a safety briefing for all of our guests to ensure that all climbers feel confident in themselves before taking on the treetop adventure.  A visit to our aerial adventure parks includes zip lining and tackling many high ropes challenge courses. Check in with your family to make sure that they enjoy climbing, traversing, strategizing, balancing, and of course, ziplining!

2. Become a sightseer in your backyard.

One of the best parts of having a staycation is realizing how great it is to live in the suburbs of Boston.  If you are having a hard time figuring out new adventures to tackle on your staycation, try looking at Massachusetts through a tourist’s eyes.  As an example, there may be an art gallery or butterfly garden where you do your shopping.  Lots of neighborhoods have museums that delve into the local history

Our Massachusetts park is located in the little town of Berlin, in Worcester County. It is about forty-five minutes from Boston and easily accessible from all major highways.  Besides visiting our aerial park, there are a number of fun activities right around the corner.  Visit the Worcester Art Museum, or do a historical tour of Boston on the freedom trail.  There are enough adventures to fill more staycation days than you have! But you can always include Boundless Adventures in all of your staycations. No matter how many times you visit, there’s always a new challenge to conquer, another ledge to leap from.

3. Read the reviews.

Once you’ve come up with some found some available activities, and have gotten the buy in from your family, check out what other people have to say.  On websites like Yelp and Facebook, you can find reviews of every restaurant and attraction you are considering visiting.  Reviews are a great way to weed out places with poor customer service, but more importantly, they often provide tips about how to maximize the experience.

It’s extremely important to the Boundless Adventures team that all our guests have an amazing time at our parks.  We post regularly on social media, answering questions, responding to reviews, and holding contests to excite the Boundless community.  Seeing families and friends return to the park time after time is amazing.

4.  Expect the unexpected.

Unfortunately, as in life, things might not always go smoothly.  In case that something occurs that you weren’t planning, remember to pack snacks, portable medicine samples, activities for the car, and any first aid supplies you may need—you can never go wrong with extra bandages and baby wipes.  This will keep everyone in high spirits, and ready for the next attraction.

At our aerial adventure parks, we strive to ensure all of our visitors feel comfortable and trust in our staff and the facilities.  We have have water, snacks, and merchandise available for purchase, as well as first aid supplies and trained staff, including CPR certification of all employees.

5. Leave fear at the door.

Staycationing can be one of the most memorable and bonding experiences for your family.  These shared experiences will become treasured memories recounted at gatherings.  For the most rewarding staycation, choose activities that challenge you and your family to step out of their comfort zone.  Growth doesn’t need to happen inside the classroom, it can happen anywhere.  For the best staycation, be ready and willing to try something new—especially if it scares you.

More than anything, Boundless Adventures is about challenging your boundaries. We combine the best of zipline canopy tours with extensive high ropes courses to create a top notch experience. Our ziplines are all self-guided, allowing for your active involvement, and a sense of accomplishment. With over 100 other rope bridges, you will have many opportunities to conquer your fears.  Aerial adventure parks are popping up around the world, but they are still a new type of attraction for your family to enjoy.  To be successful at our parks requires setting aside the fear of the unknown, and plunging in headfirst.  People get the best out of a Boundless Adventures experience by being ready and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the end of the course. 

In Purchase, NY, Berlin, MA, and Kenosha, WI, thousands of families have experienced their perfect staycation with Boundless Adventures.  Our aerial adventure parks give you the chance to rock climb, zip line, traverse, and swing your way to success.  Amidst the treetops, you’ll challenge yourself to reach greater heights.  Perfect for thrill seekers and people who want to try something new, regardless of age or skill level.  At Boundless, it’s all about the altitude.  Book your adventure today at