Remember back when you were a kid? You always looked forward to a field trip day. Field trips take you out of the classroom and into the real world. They’re fun and give you a chance to experience something new and different.

Students learn a lot during field trips and make lasting memories and friendships that we’re all grateful for today. Whether they’re at a museum, an aquarium, or even ziplining, field trips provide a unique learning opportunity for students of all ages.

If you’re based in Boston, there are plenty of field trip destinations that your students will love. Here are some fun school field trip ideas in Boston that we love (even as adults).

The Top 7 Field Trip Ideas for Metro West & Boston Students

It’s important to remember that just because you’re based in the Boston/Metro-West area, all of your students may not be knowledgeable on the history or area surrounding your school!

1. The Freedom Trail Walking Tour

Boston is one of the most historic cities in the United States. English Puritans founded the city in 1630 while fleeing persecution. To experience the best of Boston’s history, take your students on the Freedom Trail Walking Tour.

This tour takes you past famous Boston landmarks such as Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, and Park Street Church.

You’ll follow a red brick-paved road with guides who will explain the landmarks and how they integrate with Boston’s history.

In addition to the walking tour, you can visit each individual location. Most of these landmarks host individual tours where you can see and learn more details about each place.

Keep in mind, the tour you take depends on the size of your class. Most Freedom Trail Walking Tours focus on small groups. Take student groups on different days or break your students up into small groups.

2. The New England Aquarium

Every student loves visiting the aquarium. They can witness so many different marine animals and even experience some interesting exhibits.

But what makes the New England Aquarium different? There’s a reason why the aquarium attracts over a million visitors a year. Your students will see exhibits and wildlife that they won’t see at other aquariums.

The New England Aquarium offers exciting attractions such as a shark and stingray touch tank and even a massive four-story Caribbean coral reef. But the penguin exhibit wins over the most students with their slick tuxedos.

In addition to the animals, the aquarium also hosts an IMAX theater that premieres a myriad of different animal and ocean biographies.

3. The Museum of Science

While science museums are popular field trip destinations, there’s no museum as interactive as Boston’s Museum of Science. The museum hosts popular exhibits such as the Theater of Electricity, Triceratops Cliff, and the Hall of Human Life.

The Theater of Electricity is one of the most unique exhibits, hosting the largest Van de Graaff generator which sparks lighting. Students can also meet Cliff, one of the four nearly complete Triceratops on display.

The museum also hosts an exciting biology exhibit — the Hall of Human Life. You emerge inside the human body, participating in over 70 interactive activities to gain a better understanding of our body and how it performs.

4. Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park is another historic area in Boston. Established in 1885, Franklin Park hosts a mall, garden, and different natural attractions. One of the most popular attractions is the Franklin Park Zoo.

Students can see animals such as tigers, lions, monkeys, and giraffes.

You’ll also see unique animals and insects not found in many other zoos, such as the Bactrian Camel and the Australian Walking Stick. There are also individual exhibits for younger children, such as the Children’s Zoo and Franklin’s Farm.

To provide students with a greater learning experience, schedule a tour with zookeepers.

The zoo is also open year-round so you can schedule your field trip during the slow season.

5. Old Sturbridge Village

Sturbridge Village is a recreated nineteenth-century village. Your students can see first-hand what life was like in colonial Boston.

Every building has architectural styles that were commonly seen 200 years ago. The village hosts livestock and old shops such as blacksmith businesses.

Students will love the re-enactments and it can help them truly connect with what’s going on around them. Actors dress in nineteenth-century clothing and act out the traditions that embodied the colonial Boston lifestyle.

Students will also love the hands-on learning approach, such as preparing food the old-fashioned way and even designing crafts that were popular back then.

6. Boundless Adventures

If you’re looking for a field trip with some more thrills and excitement, we have the perfect spot for your class. 

While many of our other picks focus on some educational learning around history, science and the human body…Boundless Adventures focuses on building up your students. 

With a mix of incredible activities such as ziplining, treetop adventures, and even an aerial ropes course, your students can improve their physical health while embarking on new adventures.

Boundless Adventures offers more than just a unique activity.

These activities improve teamwork and teach problem-solving skills. These are also activities your students have likely never done before. They will learn to get out of their comfort zone and try new challenges.

Don’t worry — these activities are safe. Every student has a harness and will take a lesson in safety training. Boundless Adventures even offers perks, such as free chaperone entry (as long as you’re not climbing).

It’s the perfect alternative to a Museum or Zoo visit (although we love those too)! 

With a ton of schools already visiting the Boundless Adventures park, we know your students will love it in the trees. 

You can learn more about our school field trip offerings and catch a sneak peek of the park here.

7. Paul Revere’s House

As an American Patriot during the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere is a staple in the Boston community.  In fact, his home was turned into a museum for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

Students can visit his home and learn about Revere’s life and his heroic actions that made him famous. Students will also learn about Boston’s history and how Revere and his home integrated with life in colonial Boston.

The house is currently the oldest remaining structure in downtown Boston. Paul Revere’s house also hosts special events such as reenactments and special tours.

Our Top Field Trip Ideas in the Boston & Metro West Area

We know that every field trip listed here may not be the right fit for your class subject, the ages of your students or the number of students you need to bring on a trip. 

We felt that with a combination of Boston History and some outdoor adventure, you can find the perfect fit no matter the season.

The best part of your field trip search in the Boston Area is this: Boundless Adventures accepts nearly all grade levels, group sizes, and our class subject is fun 24/7.  

We love spending time in the trees and hope to show the future of Boston and Metro West how thrilling an outdoor adventure can be.