Can you imagine zip lining through the trees on a lovely afternoon near Metro West? The wind rustles through your hair as you glide down the zip line, taking in the visual splendor of Berlin’s natural beauty. Your friends follow suit, zip lining through the trees of Boundless Adventures, having the time of their life. 

Once you are done zip lining, you segue to the high ropes course where you climb and swing through the trees like a bird. This is the perfect outdoor adventure for locals looking to get some fresh air, soak up the sun and have a blast. A truly unforgettable aerial experience awaits at our Berlin, MA Boundless Adventures park.

An Outdoor Park for People of all Ages

There is a common misconception outdoor adventure parks are strictly for the young, strong and agile. The truth is people of all ages and fitness levels enjoy zip lining. Regardless of age, you will be able to have a ball zip lining at our outdoor adventure park. Try our aerial adventure experience and you will spend the day high up with the tree-tops, having the time of your life while staying active and enjoying the captivating scene provided near Metro West‘s natural setting. 

The Aerial Adventure Park of Your Dreams

Most people envision roller coasters and water slides when they think about adventure parks. Nowadays, there are aerial adventure parks with zip lining, high ropes courses and more. Boundless Adventures is unique in that it features zip lining high among the trees on carefully designed courses along with the extra twist of ropes.  The zip line and rope course experience is highlighted by the fact that riders enjoy absolutely stunning views.

Spend the afternoon at Boundless and you will feel mentally and physically stimulated by our zip line and high ropes course. Go ahead and yell, scream, laugh or exclaim your joy in any other way as you traverse the course. This is your opportunity to let your guard down, have fun and enjoy life. All in all, the Metro West Boundless Adventures park has nine total courses with 16 zip lines, 90+ rope bridges and three leaps of faith. These treetop adventures are not limited to those with superior flexibility and strength. If you are out of shape or somewhat intimidated by zip lining, don’t fret! Our aerial park near Metro West has treetop courses with four distinct difficulty levels. We make it easy for beginners as well as experts to have the time of their life on the zip line course.

Opt for a beginner course and you will be close to the ground during your zip line experience. The easier courses do not require an abundance of strength or endurance. Alternatively, our advanced courses provide thrilling action that takes place way up high in the canopy. You will need a bit more strength and endurance to take on one of our advanced courses. 

There are plenty of courses at the intermediate level for those looking for a happy medium that is not too difficult or too easy.  When in doubt, ask for a recommendation from one of our zip line professionals. We will help you pick the perfect zip line course for your unique skill level. 

Zip Lining in Full Confidence

There is no reason to be afraid of zip lining, high ropes or any other challenge in the Boundless park.  Our zip lines are primarily designed to provide riders with a fun experience. Part of the thrill is the activity’s high elevation yet you will never feel uneasy as we have invested in the industry’s top safety equipment. Our zip line riders don a harness and are connected to a safety line. There is no way to disconnect from the safety line, ensuring riders are firmly attached and safe throughout the entire zip line experience from beginning to end. 

Play or Watch, the Choice is Yours 

If you prefer to watch, you can take in the zip lining action from down below. Parents and others can hang out at ground level and enjoy the beauty of this natural environment to get an idea of what the Boundless experience is all about. Whether you choose to zip line or watch, you will have a memorable day and a ton of fun at our outdoor aerial adventure park.  Give us a call at 978-592-1708 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our outdoor adventure park near Metro West.