At Boundless Adventures, we love staycations.  Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break. Who can afford to take vacations multiple times/year? Fortunately, “staycationing” is always a great option close to home.  Chicago families, look no further than our guide to planning the best staycations for adventurous, fearless families.

Things To Do With Kids Near Me

1. Analyze past successes.

Do you recall a time that your family bonded in a way like never before? Do you have clear memories of life altering experiences shared with your loved ones? Consult everyone in the family, and see where their interests lie.

At Boundless, we provide a unique aerial adventure park experience that will make for a fulfilling day for kids and adults alike! How often is an activity either enjoyable for the adults or the kids? A successful staycation should involve activities that excite and challenge everyone.

2. Become a tourist in your own town.

It is too easy to stick with the basics when you aren’t traveling (movies, a ball game, a favorite restaurant). Try looking at your community through a visitor’s eyes.  For example, why not check out a museum that explores the local history.  Or travel the short distance to Milwaukee to learn about your neighbor’s history at their Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear. Exploring your home with new eyes not only gives you the chance for new experiences, but gives you a deeper appreciation of the gems hidden right next door.

Our Wisconsin aerial adventure park, located in Kenosha, is centrally located between Chicago and Milwaukee.  If you are looking for an adventurous activity, you don’t need to travel a great distance to know zip lining and high ropes courses off your bucket list.

3. Check in with others.

Reviews are always helpful to avoid businesses that don’t value customer service, or for great tips on how to make a trip the best it could be. On websites like Yelp and Facebook, you can find reviews of every restaurant and attraction you may want to visit.  Using input from people you trust, reviews, and your good judgment, you can determine which stops are a must-see for your family, and which you’re better off skipping. 

It’s extremely important to the Boundless Adventures team that all our guests have an amazing time at our parks.  We are very active on social media, where we provide helpful pictures, answer questions, and run contests to engage the Boundless Adventure friends. 

4.  Plan for the unexpected.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong on a staycation.  In case that something occurs that you weren’t planning, remember to pack snacks, portable medicine samples, activities for the car, and any first aid supplies you may need—you can never go wrong with extra bandages and baby wipes.  This will keep everyone in high spirits, and ready for the next attraction.

In our parks, all of our staff are CPR certified, and safety comes first no matter what. All of our climbers go through a safety briefing and practice lines prior to entering the aerial adventure park. We also have water stations throughout the park to ensure our guests stay hydrated.

5. Leave fear at the door.

Staycationing can be an amazing bonding experience that your family recalls for years to come. Boundless Adventures’s mission is to empower and inspire people to challenge themselves, not just physically but mentally as well. Overcoming obstacles leads to greater self-confidence. Growth doesn’t need to happen inside the classroom.  For the best staycation, be ready and willing to try something new—especially if it scares you.

Boundless Adventures is the newest, and by far the largest, aerial adventure park in the Greater Chicago area. We invite you to come test your boundaries and conquer your fears on our 20 self-guided zip lines and tremendous high ropes course.

In Purchase, NY, Berlin, MA, and Kenosha, WI, thousands of families have experienced their perfect staycation with Boundless Adventures.  Our aerial adventure parks give you the chance to rock climb, zip line, traverse, and swing your way to success.  Amidst the treetops, you’ll challenge yourself to reach greater heights.  Perfect for thrill seekers and people who want to try something new, regardless of age or skill level.  At Boundless, it’s all about the altitude.  Book your adventure today at