Boundless Adventures understands how important it is for our kids to be reading! One of our greatest challenges is how to get our youth more physically active. Unfortunately, the fast-paced online streaming and gaming industries are draining the precious days and hours of our youth. These are the same entertainment industries that keep our youth from gaining valuable skills and knowledge by reading.

Our goal is to team up with local elementary schools to overcome this challenge, encourage our youth to develop strong reading habits as well as experience outdoor adventure. During the month of March, students who achieve the reading goal of 8 hours of recreational reading will earn a 2-hour Aerial Adventure ticket (retail value $41).

Boundless Adventures looks forward to investing in the precious youth in our local communities. Will you join us? Our goal is to give away 2,000 tickets in 2020. Let’s do it together!

Basic Program Structure

1. Get your principal’s approval to participate in the Read 4 Adventure Program.

2. Register with us by emailing us at the following information: School District, School Name, Organizer Name, Organizer’s Phone, Organizer’s Email, Expected Number of Participants

3. Select a program organizer/administrator for your school. That could be a PTA member, a librarian, a teacher.

4. Provide parents with the flyer and Reading Log .

5. The program will run for the month of March and at the conclusion of the reading program the administrator will be responsible for collecting the logs and electronically submitting the student & parent information for individuals who successfully met the reading goal.

6. In April, Boundless Adventures will email a ticket voucher to the parent/guardian of the participating student for use during 2020.

Boundless Adventures, in Bristol Woods County Park, 20 minutes north of Great America and 40 minutes south of Milwaukee. Climbers ages 7 and older will have access to over 100 obstacles up to 45 feet in the air and 20 ziplines during their visit.