Fresh air, a happier heart, and that exhilarating rush of adrenaline. Why wouldn’t you want to zipline?

Of course, there’s the question of safety and perhaps even a fear of heights. Well, we’ve taken the liberty of answering some of the most common questions about ziplining, including the million-dollar question: is ziplining safe?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Zipline?

While there’s no “magic” number for your first zipline experience, we want to get everyone involved as quickly as possible. That’s why we allow children as young as 7 years old to take part at Boundless Adventures. 

We require that an Adult monitor from the ground on some courses or take part with their child on other courses.  So at Boundless Adventures, the age to zipline isn’t extremely specific. You can learn more about our supervised climbs on our age requirements page.

Most parks or tours have their own policies surrounding age. We’ve found that 10 is usually the minimum age requirement, but some companies (like ours) even go as low as seven. 

Are there any Weight Restrictions to Ziplining?

Safety regulations make weight restrictions an absolute must for all zipline parks and tours. The number usually falls between the range of 250 lbs to 265 lbs. 

Here at Boundless Adventures, we have a weight limit of 265lbs per zipliner. 

You can explore our specific zipline restrictions here.

Is Ziplining Safe?

We can’t make you the promise that every single zipline is safe.  That’s because we’ve seen some very cool (but unsafe) homemade ziplines and even a few parks that don’t have your safety as their number one priority. 

That’s a long way of saying, It depends on where you go. Most companies go to extensive lengths to ensure the safety of their customers. So long as you’re wearing a good quality, full-body harness you should be safe. 

Always “on-belay” systems use carabiners to go a step further and ensure that you are never really disconnected from the system. 

While the park handles zipline safety on their end, you also need to do your part. 

We wrote an in-depth guide specific to zipline safety (from your perspective) to ensure a fun and safe day!

What Do I Do If I’m Afraid of Heights?

We get it, it can be quite intimidating, but don’t let your fear stop you. The key here is to start small and read up on the basics. Start with lower heights and once you get the hang of those, you can make your way into the big leagues. 

Heights can start off from as low as 10 feet. Start from a place you’re comfortable with and zipline your way to the top!

Are There Any Health Restrictions to Zipline?

There’s nothing you wouldn’t expect when it comes to health-related restrictions. Pregnant women are advised to speak with a doctor before taking part, for obvious reasons, and it is advisable (and sometimes necessary) for heart patients or people prone to seizures to get a go-ahead from a certified physician. 

For any other health concerns, we’d recommend checking with your doctor. They’re the ultimate authority on your health.

Do I Need to Sign Any Documents Before I Go Ziplining?

While it’s the least exciting part of the ziplining process, it’s a required part.  Anyone above the age of 18 will be asked to sign a waiver and parents or guardians will have to sign for minors.

This doesn’t mean that your ziplining instructors do not have to adhere to safety regulations, it just creates legal protections for all parties involved.

What Should I Wear Ziplining?

Try and opt for comfortable, athletic clothing that isn’t too baggy. Do not wear any long jewelry and make sure your hair is tied properly to prevent it from getting in the way. Closed-toed shoes are usually recommended. 

We went in-depth on the best zipline attire in our blog post here. It details all of the important clothing and gear choices you need to consider.

The bottom line is that you should be comfortable.

All Set for Adventure?

If you’ve got more questions, just make inquiries at the place you intend to go to. Is ziplining safe at their facility? Research the place you’re going to and make sure they adhere to proper safety protocols.

If you’re looking for another in-depth guide on what to expect during your first zipline adventure (we promise it’s safe!), we’d recommend this guide

Want to arrange your own ziplining adventure with us? Check out our list of events and packages for all the information you need!