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You’ve got the opportunity to go ziplining and you’re freezing up for some reason. 

There’s a rush of excitement followed by a little pang of fear, and you’re unsure how to feel. Are you nervous? Excited? 

These feelings are normal when you’re faced with a brand new experience, especially when it involves something that’s thrilling to your core. A ziplining experience is something that you’re not likely to forget and it’s absolutely worth your time. 

When you zipline in an adventure park, you’re doing it safely. Safe ziplining might still have your heart rate accelerated, though, so we’re going to take a look at some things that are helpful to know before your first experience. 

Hopefully, the ideas below can turn that nervous energy into full-blown excitement. 

Guides Are There Every Step Of The Way

The only time you’ll be alone throughout the experience is when you’re soaring down the line. Before that, you’re in very capable and experienced hands. 

Our staff is trained very well and can talk you through every step of the safety process, make sure you’re comfortable, and give you any additional information. If you’re terrified of heights, we’d expect nothing less than having you clear up any questions that you have. 

Rest assured that you can get all of the understanding you need before you start any ziplining in the adventure course. 

Dress For The Park

If you’re coming in the early fall or late spring, make sure that you’re dressed warm enough for the park. Alternatively, wear something that will keep you cool in the summertime. 

Ziplining requires that you don’t have loose-fitting or flowing clothes on. Dresses, flowing shirts, skirts, or other items that dangle and flow might be safety hazards. The same is true for loose jewelry that could get caught. 

Find something that’s comfortable, moveable, and fits close enough to your body that nothing would interfere with the equipment. It’s also a must that you bring close-toed shoes. If you have them, do your best to break out those old athletic shoes. 

Try To Embrace Your First Run

The first time you zipline, you might have the urge to just close your eyes and push through the experience. Keep in mind that the first time is the most exhilarating time!

Once you step forth and set into motion, there’s no turning back so it’s best to zoom with eyes wide open. Odds are that you’ll absolutely love the experience. Then you can gear up for the rest of your day and enjoy the process fully. 

After the first time, you’ll get a feel for the degree of safety and skill that goes into managing the adventure park. That leaves you to enjoy a safe and thrilling course. 

Do your best to take everything in and make memories while you can. 

Safety Is Number One

Thrill-seeking activities and other potentially frightening pastimes get a bad reputation. With no knowledge of these things, it’s natural to assume that the courses would be run haphazardly without safety in mind. 

After all, who in their right mind would ride a zipline or climb a cliff face? 

Fortunately for everyone involved, professionals are often more aware of safety and risk than the average first-timer. Things stop being thrilling when they become dangerous. Those who dedicated their lives to these activities, then, have a deep investment in their safety and the safety of others. 

When you come to the park you’ll find trained staff that will take wonderful care of you, full-body harnesses, fail-proof safety measures, and opportunities to practice before you get anywhere near an actual line. 

Listen Closely To Your Guides

The only space for error in the process is in the way that you treat the guides. It’s very important to pay attention to the guides and listen to what they say. Following their instructions is the absolute best way to have a good time and stay safe. 

While it’s still extremely difficult for serious errors to occur at any time, you’re less likely to enjoy yourself if you’re not privy to the directions of the staff. You’ll find yourself a little less confident and a little more frightened. 

When visitors and staff work in harmony, everyone in the park is able to have a better time. 

Prepare To Get Addicted

Doubtful visitors are often surprised to find that they were actually adrenaline junkies somewhere deep down. The zipline park might just bring the thrill-seeker out for the first time. 

While you’re at the park, take in the feeling you get. Enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes when you start moving and savor the endorphins that rush through as you come down from a challenging activity. 

These are extremely healthy and positive feelings. Endorphins are an excellent way to improve your mood, relieve pain, and calm stress levels. 

Empty Out Your Pockets!

The last thing you want is to lose your phone or keys while you’re having the time of your life.

Be sure to take everything off of your person before you start the ziplining process. You might want to bring your phone to take videos or selfies, but that’s not advised. We suggest you have friends or family take photos of you from below while you’re safely going about your journey. 

Things that fall out of your pockets are likely to break upon landing. Further, they might be very difficult to find and recover. So, if you’re thinking about bringing anything along while you’re up there, make sure that you’re willing to lose it if it falls out of your pockets. 

Ready For Your Thrilling Ziplining Experience?

We hope the information above was enough to get you excited for a safe and enjoyable ziplining experience. There’s more to learn if you’re looking for the best courses or more tips and tricks for beginners. 

We’re here to help. Explore our site to buy tickets, view the course, look at pricing options, or learn more about how to have the best zipline experience with Boundless Adventures. 


  1. Lillie Kaminski says:

    I am 73 years old and I am going to go zip lining in Tennessee in May. What can I do to physically get it in shape to zip line?

    • boundless says:

      One of the great things about ziplining is that you don’t need to be in great shape to do so. The most important thing to do is dress appropriately and follow the directions of your guide. We hope you have a great time!

  2. Ricky Hunter says:

    I went zip lining the first time and it consisted of 6 stations some zip lines was long not sure the length but my problem was I went backwards on every zip line the guides told me to put my arms out I just went backwards with my arms out. Everyone else went forward facing or sideways still facing forward was I somehow rigged wrong.

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