On April 24th, the Boundless Adventures’ team had the honor and privilege of spending the day climbing with New England Patriots safety, Duron Harmon and the wonderful students and amazing staff from the Crossroads School, which specializes in the education of students with autism. It was evident that day that staff and administration from the school are second to none in terms of caring, professionalism and passion for the important work that they do.

Games for kids with Autism

I am not going to lie. The fanboy in me was more than a little starstruck to meet and spend time with The Closer.  The truth is, as much of an elite athlete that Duron Harmon is, he is also a class act and a true gentleman off the field.  He spent several hours climbing, talking and laughing with the 25 students in attendance that day.  He made a point to speak with every single student, and gave each one his full attention.  You could tell by the smile and interest on his face that this was not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a true sense of joy to be part of such a special experience.

All of that being said, the awesome students from the Crossroads School were the champions that day.  They showed tenacity, spirit and confidence, pushing beyond their comfort zones to achieve something great.  Moxie is defined as the ability to face challenges with spirit and courage.  This crew showed more than their fair share of moxie!!!!  It is important to understand that people with autism are just as capable as anyone else of achieving great things and that everybody deserves a chance to be their best self. 

Duron, the Crossroads School and the representatives from the Patriots Organization that made this day possible are all Boundless!

(Photo credits: New England Patriots)

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