Heights were never my thing.  However, after visiting an aerial adventure park, I overcome that fear because I felt extremely safe and secure with the equipment. Once I found myself securely strapped in – and motivated by a great staff member – I found my fears melting away.

Now, my husband and I are the owners of an aerial adventure park – Boundless Adventures. We both fell in love with being in the outdoors and helping people overcome their fears and challenge their boundaries.

Overcoming a fear of heights!

To help get you motivated to come visit us, here are 3 fun facts about zip lining:

  1. Zip lines are popping up everywhere.  The only continent without a commercial zip lines is Antarctica.
  2. Some people actually zip line as part of their job as harvesters.  In the Bolivian jungles the cocoa farmers have been using zip lines to reach their crops since 1955!
  3. There is no such thing as being too old to try!  Jack Reynolds set his 3rd world record on April 6, 2018 when he zip lined at the age of 106 in the United Kingdom, on his birthday no less!

Overcoming a fear of heights

There are so many reasons Boundless Adventures is the perfect place to conquer your fear of heights:

  • Our staff is well trained and enjoys helping people overcome their fears
  • Zip lining options for all skill levels
  • Tons of happy adventurers can’t be wrong
  • We have real bathrooms – not porta-potties 🙂


Boundless Adventures opened its 2nd location in Berlin, Massachusetts.  If you hadn’t heard of Berlin, we aren’t surprised.  It is a small town in central Massachusetts, but very easy to reach from 290 and 495.  So if you live in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts (of course), you should consider coming to our aerial adventure park to overcome your fear of heights!