So you’re looking to find the best Zipline Park and outdoor adventure in the Milwaukee area? We’re here to guide you through how to pick the best park in the area, things to consider for your trip and how to have the trip of a lifetime. 

We know that adventuring outside Milwaukee, WI for an outdoor adventure may seem daunting, but we promise that some of the best options are out in the woods. Just outside the reach of Milwaukee, WI you can find the best zipline park in the surrounding area. 

In fact, we operate our own outdoor adventure and zipline park in Kenosha, WI which is only a stone’s throw away. 

So here’s what we’d consider when looking for the best zipline park in the Milwaukee area.

The 3 Things That Separate Zipline Parks

We could write all day about the things we think separates the good zipline parks, from the great ones. Unfortunately, that would keep us out of the trees, so we’ve decided to focus on the 3 main things that separate the best zipline parks in the Milwaukee and Kenosha area.

Location, Location, Location

We think that where the zipline park is based is one of the most important elements. While a park in the heart of Milwaukee will offer unique views, we’re looking for something a bit more breathtaking. 

We’d look for parks that offer several different courses in the heart of the woods. With nature around every twist and turn, it allows you to feel connected to the outdoors. It’s an experience unlike any other.

Consider a national park or someplace you can travel and make a day-trip of the experience.

We consider our Kenosha park to be one of the best zipline parks in the Milwaukee area based on this criteria because we’re based in Bristol Woods Park, which is part of the Kenosha County Park system. 

Courses For All Ages & Experience Levels

We know this may sound silly, but a park needs to offer a variety of courses. This is important because you may be a beginner or an experienced Zipliner. 

Any Zipline park you choose should make you feel comfortable that your course will challenge you, but also leave you feeling accomplished. We want you to enjoy yourself, not worry about if you can handle the crazy courses to come.

Visit the websites of the parks you’re considering and see what they have to offer.

In our Kenosha, WI park we offer 9 courses that come in 4 different difficulty levels. We’d say that leaves a little something for everyone.

Getting an Inside Look

While we know you might not be able to visit the park or property prior to your visit, you should still have an idea of what to expect on the day of your trip. 

We recommend visiting the park’s website, social media pages and more to get a feel for the environment and the experience. In fact, we’d look at customer reviews and see if people are posting on social media about the park and sharing their photos/videos.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Boundless Adventures is that we want you to feel like one of use. We offer a breakdown of what your day will look like from start to finish, the courses we offer (and experience levels) and we love sharing reviews from our previous visitors. 

These things should put you at ease at any zipline park you consider in the Milwaukee area.

Picking the Best Zipline Park

Best Zipline Park Milwaukee WI

When you consider these 3 things before picking a zipline park for your next adventure, we’re confident that you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget. 

While we hope you choose to zipline with the Boundless team here in Kenosha, WI, we truly want you to love your outdoor adventure as much as we do.

So compare your top zipline park picks and book a visit, we know you’ll love your time in the trees.