As you set out to have the ultimate zipline adventure in the Milwaukee area, we feel like we’d be failing you if we didn’t offer up some insider tips and tricks. By “tips and tricks”, we mean the things to look for in your park, what is going to make your zipline experience incredible and so much more.

You see we’ve been around the block in the zipline world, and we know that all parks aren’t created equally. It’s one of the reasons we launched our very own zipline and outdoor adventure park here in Kenosha. 

But let’s take a step back and share a little bit about why we have the insider tips you deserve leading up to your Milwaukee zipline trip.

Here’s What Makes Us Zipline Experts in the Milwaukee Area 

While we’re self-proclaimed “zipline experts” in the Milwaukee area, it’s for good reason. Here at Boundless Adventures we’re founded and run by two life-long outdoor adventurers. In fact, they launched the company because they felt that there was no place out there that gave the ultimate outdoor experience.

With outdoor adventure and zipline parks in NY, MA, and WI, we’ve spent some time getting to know the ins and outs of what makes a park incredible. 

A little about the park:

The six-acre aerial zipline park is located on the 200-acre Bristol Woods Park as it offers nine courses that vary in different levels of difficulty. You begin at one central platform before venturing out in different directions throughout the park. However, each course provides a bird’s eye view of the Wisconsin wilderness. 

The goal of all Boundless Adventures parks is to give you the ability to empower yourself in defeating every piece of the Wisconsin wilderness, both mentally and physically. The hope is that all participants gain greater self-confidence about their own ability to handle challenges away from the zipline course in their own life. 

So now that you know a little bit about us and our zipline experience, here’s what we think you should consider before picking your zipline park here in Milwaukee.

The Keys to an Incredible Milwaukee Zipline Course

With so many different zipline and adventure courses in the Kenosha and Milwaukee area, here are a few things you should look for before picking a park.

  • Reputation (Do they have reviews online, what do their social channels look like?)
  • Show & Tell (Can you see the park in videos, pictures, visitors posts?)
  • Options for Everyone (Different courses for different people and experience levels)

These things are so important because they are the core of how your Milwaukee zipline experience will go. Look for a park that shares reviews of the park (good and bad), look for a park that shows off the experience and what you can expect. Most importantly, look for a park that offers something for everyone.

Tips That Will Make Your Zipline Adventure One You’ll Never Forget

There are countless things that can make or break your experience at the zipline park. While we won’t dive into all of the details, we’ve outlined a few of the big ones that you simply can’t ignore.

The key items we discuss with everyone that is willing to listen to us:

  • Pick the right clothes
  • Put down the phone and enjoy the moment
  • Don’t be a hero (pick a course that matches your experience level)
  • Bring anyone and everyone

When it comes to your outfit for your day of ziplining in the Milwaukee weather, be smart. It sounds simple, but try and find a balance between doing some physical activity and being comfortable. We dove deeper into this conversation in one of our latest ziplining articles. 

We also love telling people to not be a hero. This is a two-pronged approach because it covers your cell phone and your pride. When it comes to technology, try and disconnect a bit. We know you want photos and we LOVE that you want to share them. We recommend a GoPro or other device that allows you to go handsfree and still enjoy the moment. As for your pride, don’t be afraid to zipline or adventure at a lower-level course. We have different options to make sure that you’re always safe and that you have an incredible time. 

The most important piece is this: bring anyone that you want to spend time with. We find that being outdoors is the perfect medicine for any friendship, relationship or family.

Let’s Go Zipling Milwaukee

Here at Boundless Adventures, we can’t wait to see you up in the trees. In fact, our Kenosha zipline park is located less than an hour away from Chicago and Milwaukee. 

That means that a fun, challenging zipline and outdoor adventure is only a stone’s throw away.

Remember, to be boundless is to have no limits.