Often, newcomers to the zipline community look forward to experiencing the course for the very first time. However, other first-time zipline riders are apprehensive because of being around more experienced people, the fear of what is to come and so much more.  

It seems silly to think that “zipline etiquette” is a thing, but it really is. We aren’t talking about the general rules of ziplining, which relates to height/weight guidelines, clothing choices or other related topics.  Those are things we’ve covered on the blog to help you have the perfect day. We’re talking about the intangible things that make the experience an incredible day for everyone, no matter their experience level. 

It’s more important to know certain etiquette tips before heading out on the course. Having a better understanding will guarantee that everyone in your group will enjoy the experience as much as possible. 

Etiquette Tips For Newcomers to Ziplining

We cover these zipline etiquette tips as if you were coming to a Boundless Adventures park. We know that it may not apply to all of you, so consider these general rules (with a bit of a Boundless twist):

  • Hold the Talking…At Least For a Few Minutes – During the safety training session, try to refrain from making jokes or distracting others while the Boundless Adventures park guide is speaking. The information provided is important to keeping you and others safe. We know you want to talk with friends and have fun, but we promise there will be time for all of that.
  • Don’t Worry About Anything – It’s easy to let your excitement or fears take hold.  Remember, what you’re saying impacts those around you, so don’t say things to create worry among other first-timers.  Encourage your group mates to have fun and take chances. We’ve got industry-leading safety gear, which means your focus remains on the fun.
  • Focus on Your Day – We think this is one of the most important parts of zipline etiquette because you control your destiny on the course.  Take photos, make funny faces and enjoy the feel of the wind in your hair. Don’t worry about anyone else watching or making comments.  Everyone is here to make their own memories, so don’t ruin theirs with commentary that has nothing to do with their adventure. 

Zipline Etiquette: Experienced Zipliners Can Help!

Active zipliners have shared with us that they love the self-growth, stress release and sense of freedom the experience provides.  Newcomers to ziplining can get some inside tips, tricks and more from an experienced rider on the do’s-and-don’ts while on the zipline.

That’s why we’re taking this chance to call on experience zipliners to lend a hand to those first-timers.  It’s important for experienced zipliners to avoid rushing a newcomer on their first ride down a zipline course. Instead, teach them to challenge their mind and body rather than turning their ride into a race. Try keeping their enthusiasm up throughout the journey down the course. You want to maintain a positive tone and support them during their first zipline ride. This could be the first step to a very bright and exciting future for them. 

At the end of the day, we want to see everyone enjoy their time in the trees. So let’s build a relationship with each and every zipliner we meet.

Do you have any tips to share on having a great first-time zip lining? Share them below!