Adventurous Fundraising Opportunity

We love partnering with organizations that are working toward the greater good. Boundless Adventures provides a great community-building activity. Consider hosting your next fundraiser at Boundless Adventures, where you can have fun ziplining and climbing on our aerial adventure park while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Fundraiser at an Aerial Adventure Course

What To Expect

  • Harness & safety briefing
  • 3 hours of climbing and zip lining
  • Picnic tables for group use
  • Bring your own lunch or delivery from local restaurants
  • Capacity: Up to 250
Contact For Pricing & Booking


How does a fundraiser work?

You plan the event. You collect the money. We assist with the marketing of your event, if you would like us to, on our social media sites. We provide your donors with an amazing experience!

How much money can I raise?

We will provide you with a deeply discounted rate. You can charge your guests our general admission rate (or more) and keep the difference.
Some fundraisers have been creative, offering their guests that do not participate to pay a spectator fee that you keep 100% of. We have a capacity for 250 guests, so the sky is the limit!

When do I need to let you know how large my group will be?

We understand that this is not the typical group booking! There are no financial obligations prior to your event if it is hosted at a non-peak time. We ask for a rough estimate up front, and that you keep us apprised as you gather your information. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience and therefore require some advance notice to properly prepare for staffing.

Where is the adventure park located?

We are conveniently located in Bristol Wisconsin. Click here for detailed directions.