When a project fails, 97% of the time employees blame the lack of team collaboration. 

When team members don’t trust each other the company suffers from motivation and innovation. The solution is to have your coworkers learn about each other outside the office. 

A great way to get to know one another while having fun is to attend team-building activities in the Boston area.

Activities should involve solving problems and understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ve compiled 8 incredible outdoor adventures that can truly bring your team together. 

In fact, our team may have taken part in a few of these team building activities too! 

Team Building Activities in the Boston Area

While the list below is in no particular order, we hold #1 very near and dear to our hearts.  So take a look at the top team building activities in Metro West and Boston!

1. Outdoor Adventure Courses

We know an outdoor adventure course sounds daunting, but we promise it’s the ultimate outdoor experience. 

Our Berlin, Massachusetts aerial adventure park combines high ropes courses with zip lining. High in the trees are elements that require adventure-seekers to swing, climb, balance, traverse, and zip-line.

Your team will need to communicate and work together as they traverse through the trees. 

Don’t worry about those who have never done this before, we have obstacle courses available for tree climbers of every skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an adrenaline-addicted climbing pro.

Climbers can conquer as many courses as they like during their visit, which means all of your employees can work through the course with each other. 

We can’t wait to see you and your team in the trees! 

Learn more about our group outings and team building activities here.

2. Canoes or Kayaks

When searching for great group activities in Boston, think about a day on one of the city’s best lakes. 

Splitting the team up into pairs with people who usually don’t work together is a perfect ice breaker. Let the pairs choose a kayak or canoe to explore the waters together. 

Both employees have to talk to each other and coordinate paddling and navigation. Plus, they will have a personal experience together that can translate to the office. 

3. Hiking and Camping

Exploring nature as a group is both therapeutic and a chance to have a distraction-free conversation.  

Pick a local trail for a few hours of trekking in the woods. Then find a secluded spot to have a company picnic. The exercise plus the fresh air will have your staff ready for positive discussions. 

If you have the budget and time, a weekend camping trip builds comradery. Showoff some of your team’s unique abilities like making a fire, naming the constellations, and singing campfire songs.

4. Touring the City

What better way to have some Boston experiences and elevate team spirit than getting to know the city on a walking or bus tour. 

Your staff can visit local museums, landmarks, parks, and end with a drink or a snack during happy hour. They will get to know their coworker’s interests and spark general conversations that transcend workplace banter. 

You can also use this tour as an opportunity to network and look for new clientele. Be sure to tell your staff to bring their business cards and keep an eye out for opportunities to talk about the company.  

5. Cooking Classes

Taking a cooking class embraces creativity and shows you how well your staff can collaborate using a recipe. Tasks must be divided among each chef and then combined to create a delicious dish. 

Once your team is done cooking, you can then enjoy a home-cooked meal and reap the rewards of all their hard work. 

You can bring this skill into the office with a weekly or monthly potluck now that everyone has learned how to cook. People can share their favorite dishes and talk about its origins heritage or why they love the dish. 

6. Escape Room

Solving problems is the cornerstone of a successful team. If you can’t work together then you can be stuck in one place forever. The same goes for an escape room game. 

Test your team’s ability to work quickly and efficiently by solving clues and putting the pieces together. No one can win an escape room alone so it proves to your staff that teamwork is an essential component to any kind of success.

Our team even explored a local Escape Room spot in our Date Night blog. You can learn more about our top pick there!

7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a corporate scavenger hunt about a project or on company history. You can make work fun by distributing tasks that will lead to a completed project. 

You can also make your team learn about new software or client with hints that reveal relevant job information. 

There are many places to hold a scavenger hunt. Do it in your office, pick a park on a nice day, or take your staff downtown for a more intricate hunt. 

8. Game Night

Some corporate team building ideas can be as simple as a game night at one of your coworker’s homes. 

Order some pizza and have everyone bring in their favorite board game. Play games like Pictionary to break the ice and let loose. People’s personalities will shine through and you will get to know them on a different level. 

Choosing Team Building Activities in Boston

Picking team building activities in Boston can be difficult given the many personality types and preferences in the office. It is best to hold a vote with several options available and let your staff choose which activity they want.

While we know that ziplining and having an outdoor adventure won’t top every corporate event list, we’d still love to have you. 

We’ll be waiting for you and your team in the trees!