It’s a fact that spending time outdoors is great for your health. It’s also an excellent way to get your kids away from technology and into the family zone for a while.

That’s why almost 50% of Americans set time aside to get outside. Try these Wisconsin outdoor adventure ideas the next time you feel the call of the Great Outdoors.

Hiking or Walking

Nobody expects you to summit the Rocky Mountains with your children in tow. There are plenty of great low-key hikes scattered across Wisconsin.

You’ll find some of the top ones in Wisconsin at Ferry Bluff, Horicon Marsh, and New Glarus Woods. Walking in nature is a fascinating adventure for smaller children too. Make sure you choose a route that’s easy and short enough to keep them involved.

With all of the natural trails around Wisconsin, there’s no shortage of options.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a fun adventure that you can enjoy out on the trails at Rocking W Stable in Eagle River.

This activity is also great for building confidence and coordination in children. Studies show that it can also improve their cognitive abilities.  

Zip-Lining in the Trees

Do you prefer more of an adrenaline rush? Children over the age of seven can live out their Tarzan fantasies among the forests of Wisconsin.  

Zip-lining is a high-adrenaline activity that anyone can enjoy in total safety. You’ll get all the gear and training you need to zoom through the trees unharmed. 

Luckily for you, we happen to know the top zipline and outdoor adventure park in Wisconsin…and it’s right here in Kenosha. 

Here at Boundless Adventures, we pride ourselves on being in the heart of Bristol Woods Park.  That means you’ll find yourself challenging your boundaries as you swing, climb, balance, traverse and zip-line through our incredible treetop adventure.

It’s the perfect opportunity to bond over shared experiences as you swing and climb through the forest.  Being a part of the Kensoha County Park System means there are nearby hiking trails and so much more to take part in.

Enjoy the Water: Wisconsin, The Great Lakes & Beyond

With thousands of waterways to choose from, the US offers boundless opportunities for family fun.

You can head off on a boat cruise, tackle an inflatable tube, or paddle and kayak on lakes and rivers. Don’t neglect the joys of spending time on the Great Lakes beaches either.

Exploring the rock pools and collecting shells are ideal activities for young children. Older kids can enjoy the chance to try their hand at volleyball, and paddleboarding.

Because safety is our top priority at Boundless Adventures, we’ll advise you to make sure you have life jackets and all necessary safety gear on your water escapades.

Fish Wisconsin & More

There’s no reason why fishing needs to be a father-son activity. Both boys and girls love this sport. 

It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and it will teach them the joys of delayed gratification. With so many great options, we felt the need to share that we love Shawano Lake or Wolf River county for family-friendly fishing.

Always check your local laws for fishing license requirements, open and close times of parks, what fish are in season, and so much more.

Get on Your Bicycle

Mountain Biking is an excellent way for families to bond and you can do it almost anywhere. 

The local park is a great place to start before heading out for more challenging courses in Silver Lake Park or on the Lowes Creek Trail. 

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive bike.  Enjoy the bicycle you have and if you have children that are outgrowing their old bikes quickly, look to rent from a local shop. 

We could make a recommendation, but it’ll depend on your exact location in Wisconsin.

Ideas for Adventures at Home

If time or finances don’t allow for far-flung spontaneous adventure ideas, you can try a digital detox at home.

Set up a scavenger hunt or obstacle course in your yard and let the whole family have a turn. 

Building a treehouse, having an evening camp out, or enjoying a picnic are also some of our favorite home away from home ideas!

Get Active Now!

Whether it’s for a digital detox, to spend time with the family or to simply enjoy the outdoors, don’t waste another second!

Take a chance on one of our 7 exciting outdoor adventure ideas and share your memories with us below!

If you’d like to take your family adventure to the trees and spend it at Boundless Adventures, we can help with that too.