Imagine being all strapped in and ready to soar through the Wisconsin wilderness.  Just a few moments from now you’ll be gliding, yelling, smiling and everything in between.  As those emotions rush over you, you’ll realize that it’s an experience and feeling that you won’t soon forget.  For our team here at Boundless Adventures, it gives us an incredible sense of pride to give that to each and every one of you who visits our WI, NY or MA parks. 

In fact, we love seeing local children experience it for the first time.  That’s because we can see the sheer excitement as they become outdoor adventurers for life. 

With the launch of our newest zipline and outdoor adventure park right here in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we’ve created a new place for unforgettable memories.

If you’re not familiar with ziplining, it’s when a person is mounted onto a zipline cord that is on an incline as gravity pulls them from the top to the bottom of a course at a high rate of speed. Many describe the feeling as being a breath-taking experience that cannot be matched by another outdoor activity. 

While we’d argue that exploring the Boundless Adventures park in its entirety will leave you with the ultimate outdoor experience, we know you’re going to love ziplining. 

Meet The Kenosha Boundless Adventures Zipline Park

The Kenosha Boundless Adventures zipline park is a six-acre, nine zipline course facility that allows our guests to fly through the treetops each day. So many who have visited in the past have shared that their experience here was unrivaled by their other outdoor adventures.  

Our goal is to see you zipline with family or friends and assist one another with overcoming a fear or tackling a challenging obstacle course in unison. 

Safety is the main priority of all Boundless Adventures staff members as their job is to ensure a memorable, safe experience for all guests. It’s all about providing an opportunity to engage with other guests and bond with them to conquer overwhelming odds found on a zipline course. 

What to Expect for Your Milwaukee Outdoor Adventure

After arriving at the Boundless Adventures park for your zip lining and outdoor adventure, we’ll put you through our safety briefing.

Each guest must go through a safety and training class before they’re allowed inside the park. It’s here where you will learn how to properly clip and unclip yourself from a zipline cord, as this helps to prepare you in landing on and off each tree platform. 

Here you’ll get to know the Boundless Adventures staff, be able to ask questions about the course and so much more. We want to ensure you feel comfortable before you set off on your Milwaukee outdoor adventure!

Next, your journey begins on a central platform before you’re allowed to go in different directions to the course of your choice. Newcomers to ziplining are attracted to the more extreme options because of the extra perceived thrill. We promise that sticking to a course that fits your experience and age will still leave you feeling like the ultimate outdoor adventurer!  

Picking the Best Outdoor Adventure & Zipline Park in Milwaukee

There are so many great options to consider when you’re looking to book your outdoor or zipline adventure in the Milwaukee area.  

We pride ourselves on truly living with the trees, as we’re based in Bristol Woods Park, part of the Kenosha County Park system.  It’s one of the reasons we can promise we’ll see you in the trees! 

Whether you choose to visit Boundless Adventures Kenosha, WI park or another park in the area, we hope you have the time of your life. 

We’re here to help each and every one of you discover your inner outdoor adventurer and we couldn’t be more honored to be part of it. 

We’ll see you Milwaukee locals in the trees.