Do you have a boundless desire to travel and a limited number of vacation days? Fear not, there are plenty of amazing day trips you can make from the Chicago area!

The hustle and bustle of Chi-town can be overwhelming for anyone. We recommend making a short trip to someplace a bit more scenic for a much needed mental break. 

Studies show that small, frequent trips can improve your productivity and overall sense of well-being. Need some suggestions? Keep reading for our favorite day trips from Chicago.

Day Trip #1 – Oglesby, Illinois

Chicago Day Trips - Starved Rock IL

Oglesby is a small town nestled between the Vermillion and Illinois Rivers. We’d argue that Oglesby’s undeniable scenic beauty makes it a must-see on any Chicago day trip.

Starved Rock State Park is Oglesby’s biggest attraction. This picturesque park is excellent for hiking, exploration and even river rafting. Vermillion River Rafting is considered a world-class experience. Rafters get to traverse nine and a half miles of choppy waters boasting 14 Class I and II rapids!

You know we love exploring outdoor adventure in the area!

Day Trip #2 – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Chicago Day Trip - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is only a two-hour drive north of Chicago, but you’ll feel worlds away. This idyllic, resort town is the perfect destination for a relaxing day trip.

Lake Geneva is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking are extremely popular attractions.  It also offers plenty of onshore activities that will please the pickiest crowds. You can visit a petting zoo with the little ones or scream your heart out at the Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark.

While it’s a little bit of a drive, it’s a trip you need to make at least once.

Day Trip #3 – Apple River Canyon State Park

Chicago Day Tips - Apple River Canyon State Park

Apple River Canyon State Park is home to the Apple River Canyon, a natural canyon formed by the rushing Apple River.

Visitors will love all of the natural scenery the park has to offer like ravines, rivers, and streams.  The park is also a great place to pitch a tent and set up camp for a night or two. Apple River Canyon Park boasts numerous of gorgeous campsites.

Camping sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So make sure to stake your claim early if you plan on camping!

If you’re not into camping and are looking for a true, single day trip from Chicago, keep reading!

Day Trip #4 – Fennville, Michigan

Chicago Day Trip - Fennville, Michigan

Do you love fresh produce, open fields or enjoying nature? Well, Fennville, Michigan is home to some of the best fresh fruit farms in the area!

Fennville’s numerous fruit farms and quaint charm make it a popular Chicago day-trip destination. Different seasons of course bring different picking opportunities.

Day Trip #5 – Kenosha, WI

Outdoor Adventure NYC

Saving the best for last? We’d like to think so! 

While we LOVE all of these other places for some outdoor adventure in the Chicago area, we’re slightly biased on our favorite outdoor spot.  It’s right here in Kenosha, WI and it’s Boundless Adventures. 

As the leading Outdoor Adventure Park in the Chicago area, it’s the ultimate outdoor experience.  Here we combine high ropes courses with zip lining and so much more. High in the trees are elements that require adventure-seekers to crawl, swing, climb, balance, traverse, and zip-line.  

It’s also a two-for-one trip because we’re in Bristol Woods Park, part of the Kenosha County Park system. Within this 200-acre park, there are more than 4 miles of hiking trails as well as the Pringle Nature Center.

That means you can zipline and adventure through the trees and still go on a hike into a different part of the great outdoors.

You can learn more about the park here.

Plan Day Trips from Chicago Today!

Vacations or trips don’t have to be lengthy, expensive affairs. Plan a day trip and reap all the benefits of a vacation, without the hefty price tag.

Day trips from Chicago are an affordable way to escape the city. Plan your mini-vacation today and experience the beauty of the midwest.

We hope you choose to come and join us in the trees, as we’re less than an hour outside of Chicago. In fact, we’ll be ziplining and adventuring through the sky waiting for you!