Adventure Parks Near Me 2022

Adventure Parks continue to thrill and excite visitors of all ages across the world.  That’s because there is no limit to the things you can experience and see. 

Did you know that one way to become more confident and adaptable is to step outside of your comfort zone?  You can reap these benefits and more when you spend an afternoon at an adventure park!

While we run one of the premier parks in NY, MA and WI, we know that you’ll have an exhilarating experience at most parks across the globe.

With the rise in popularity, you may be wondering what you can do at an adventure park near me?

Read on to learn about the thrilling activities that you can take part in when you visit an adventure park!


Ziplining is an adrenaline-filled activity that you can do at many adventure parks.

When you zipline through an adventure park, an employee will first hook you up to a full-body harness. The harness then connects to a safety line that stays on for the entire experience.

As you work through your course, you will encounter different ziplines, views and heights. If the idea of zipping through the trees makes you nervous, have no fear! You’re safely secured and you’ll have an incredible story to talk about later on!

We know that everyone can’t be an adventure park or zipline expert, which is why ziplining comes in different levels of difficulty. If you are a little wary or still learning, you can ask about courses that may be a better fit for you and your group.

Aerial Adventures

With aerial adventure courses compiled of ziplines, swings and climbing elements, you’ll wonder how you missed this aerial adventure in the past.

Across our NY, MA and WI parks we have over 300 rope bridges, 60 ziplines and thousands of 5-star reviews.  We don’t want to tell you that you’ve found the ultimate aerial adventure park near you, but….you’ve found it.

While everyone loves different elements of adventure parks, there’s one thing we’ve found to be consistent, everyone agrees it was the… #BestDayEver

High Ropes / Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are the heart of adventure courses. Courses have a mix of ladders, bridges, zip lines, and elements that roll.

When you arrive at an adventure course, you will get to choose the level, of course, you want to try out.  Technically, a high ropes course is a course where a series of obstacles are hung between trees. We think of it more as a challenge in the trees that makes you work for every zipline, platform, rope swing and more.

Across our NY, MA and WI parks each high ropes course contains 10-14 obstacles that provide a unique physical and mental exercise.

Group Activities

One of the best parts of an adventure course is enjoying them with others! When you visit an adventure park course, you’ll take part in activities that foster team building and facing your fears. 

Adventure parks are great for all types of events. Your kids will have a blast trying out the easier courses at an adventure park birthday party. 

Are you looking for a great team-building activity? Bring your corporate or school group to an adventure park and let them learn the ropes together.

Nothing but Fun at an Adventure Park Near Me

If you are seeking a new type of experience, you won’t be disappointed if you decide on an adventure park.

If you are asking yourself, “where can I find an adventure park near me,” and live in the New York, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin area, look no further! Boundless Adventure is home to the safest and most fun adventure park around! 

Book your visit today and get ready to have the time of your life!