The art of dating has always been somewhat anxiety-inducing, and over time it has gotten more complicated. First Dates and random run-ins at the coffee shop have evolved to “swipe rights” in a digital age, and many argue it has been more difficult than ever to meet people in such a fast-paced society. Today though, take one fledgling couple and add in one global pandemic, and what you get is overwhelming uncertainty.

You must navigate the waters of a new relationship while also avoiding much of the public world. You may even schedule a time to meet a potential new beau at the local watering hole, only to realize that his or her profile picture did not include a mask. You then begin to panic as you scan the eyes of the crowd, looking for a sign of familiarity before you approach who you think you should be meeting…no pressure! 

Date Night in the Trees

We are here to tell you though, that despite a crazy current society, many of our dating practices could use an upgrade anyway. While dinner and a movie sound great in theory, how much can you really get to know somebody while sitting side by side, reacting to characters on a screen?

Forget the fact that dining out and catching the latest blockbuster hit aren’t experiences like they were only a few months ago; instead, turn your attention to the fact that there are better options that allow you to show your adventurous side and see what the other person is really made of. What better way to learn more about someone than to watch him or her problem solve, face fears, and throw caution to the wind?

Luckily, there is a local park near you that can help take any relationship, new or old, to the next level (literally and figuratively–keep reading for why!).

Adventure Parks in NY, MA & WI

So where will you go on your next date? Hop in the car and head straight to Boundless Adventures Aerial and Adventure Park (now we hope our “next level” pun is making sense). At Boundless Adventures, you and your significant other can tackle rope and zipline obstacle courses nestled amongst the trees. There is something for everyone at each of the three locations in Purchase, NY, Berlin, MA, and Kenosha, WI. There are nine courses offered that range from beginner level to expert. The beginner level courses are fittingly called Exploration Courses; these can be tackled by children as young as seven and sit ten feet high, with features such as easy bridges, balance beams, and a low-speed zipline.

The intermediate level Motivation Courses sit at fifteen feet in the air and pack slightly more punch with introduced rolling elements. Tackle the advanced Strength Courses or the expert Conqueror Course, though, and you will be sure to impress your date. Each element of the obstacle course gets more difficult now, and the courses sit at 22-26 feet and thirty to forty feet in the air respectively. Boundless Adventures parks also offer beautiful grounds with walking paths and benches for when you want to take a break.

Here, you can bond with your partner as you watch others tackle the same obstacles. What is even better is that you can do all of these things while feeling safe; the park is committed to social distancing and sanitizing practices, and you will be subject to prescreening upon your arrival. Masks are also encouraged for all guests.

What better way to ignite a new spark or set an old one ablaze than to step hand in hand into adventure? Your date night woes are over. Boundless Adventures is the perfect location to be, well, boundless. Set your spirit free and see where the wind takes you. To new experiences!