It’s no secret that the past few months have taken a toll on us all. From postponed celebrations and vacations to maybe a little too much togetherness indoors, most people are looking for the next opportunity to escape the four walls they have been staring at for a while now. Teenagers who previously opted for video games and blew off the “go outside and play” suggestions of earlier generations are now realizing just how necessary it is to experience a change in environment: to smell the fresh air, and to move their bodies from the couch. An overly sedentary lifestyle will eventually wreak havoc on anyone’s mental health. So how can we beat the “coronavirus blues”?

Finding the Best Spot for Outdoor Adventure in NY, MA & WI

Luckily, those near New York, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin have the luxury of proximity to one of the best outdoor experiences: Boundless Adventures. This aerial adventure park is the perfect opportunity to literally get back in the swing of things (we’re talking rope courses and zip lines!) after time in lock-down. 

The locations in Purchase, NY, Berlin, MA, and Kenosha, WI, feature nine courses with varying levels of difficulty to not only stimulate your mind but to exercise your body. The benefits of movement are endless, and participating in physical activity has been long known to boost our moods and relieve stress (thanks, endorphins!). 

Exploring Your Next Outdoor Adventure Park

So what exactly can you expect to find at Boundless Adventures? Children as young as seven can begin with the Exploration Courses, which rest ten feet in the air and include bridges, balance beams, and a low speed zip line. 

Those older (ages ten to eleven) and braver can take a run at the intermediate Motivation Courses, which introduce ladders and rolling elements at an elevation increase of five feet. Your bold and brave twelve year old can tackle a more advanced Strength Course, which sits amongst the trees at a height of 22-26 feet. With an increased difficulty on obstacles now, there is a test of agility, and completion of these courses will definitely leave you with a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Finally, the expert level Conqueror Courses are reserved for those daredevils fourteen and older. These require more stamina and strength, as well as a certain boldness; obstacles rest at thirty to forty feet in the air. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just someone looking to get moving and experience something new, there is a course for you. Not as ready to climb as you are to escape the house? Take advantage of the walking paths and benches as you watch your loved ones play. 

Come with your family, your friends, your significant other, or your coworkers, and get that natural high that only the great outdoors can provide. Your body, and mind, will thank you!