As a Boy Scouts troop leader, the outdoor team-building activities you choose today will shape their character forever. No pressure!

You might find yourself searching for the perfect outdoor team-building activities. There are some DIY options out there but sometimes you need to call in the professionals.

What you really need is a Boy Scout trip filled with fun, exciting, and challenging team-building activities! What you need is Boundless Adventures!

Our aerial adventure park is less than a one-hour drive from New York City and we have additional parks in Massachusetts and Wisconsin! With 11 courses that include over 110 bridges, 23 ziplines, and 4 leaps of faith, we’re one of the leading outdoor adventure parks in the Westchester County area.

Read why taking one of your boy scout trips to Boundless Adventures will help your cubs walk away with a lot more than a badge.

1. Conquer Their Fears

Our aerial adventure parks are filled with team-building activities outdoors- some will find them challenging and others will be eager to go to new heights! Literally!

But what is an aerial adventure park you ask? It’s a hybrid park, half high ropes courses, and half zipline park. Our courses are designed for beginners all the way to advanced experts.

For anyone, the first time ziplining or doing a ropes course can be filled with excitement but also fear. Conquering these obstacles with fellow cubs encourages the more timid boy scouts to conquer their fears!

Once they’ve completed their first zipline or rope obstacles, they’ll not only earn boy scouts badges, but they’ll also earn a whole new level of confidence.

An aerial adventure park is a perfect way for scouts to conquer their own fears while their teammates learn to encourage and help fellow scouts overcome fears.

2. Leadership

Every accomplished team has a strong leader. Our obstacle courses are a great place for boy scouts excited about leadership to flex their skills. Our ropes courses are filled with climbing, jumping, swinging, and balance tests.

Split your scouts up into teams and let them work together to overcome these obstacles. You’ll find born leaders on the teams stepping up to guide their fellow scouts across the courses. These leadership skills are applicable to all areas of life.

Whether a race for time or something bigger, our obstacle courses are a great place for scouts to learn leadership and communication.

3. Communication

Other than enjoying many hours of exhilarating fun, our outdoor team-building activities are the perfect environment for boy scouts to communicate!

Scouts will learn to communicate in the midst of the excitement, challenges, and competition. Take their survival skills to new levels!

Scouts will also learn how to advocate for themselves. Our courses vary in degrees of difficulty and are appropriate for ages seven and up, also depending on the scout’s height and fitness levels. With everything from picking a team to a course, scouts will learn to speak up when it feels right.

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Boy Scouts

While we know you have tasks and trips planned for countless different badges, we think we’re the perfect spot to help your Boy Scouts grow.  If you’re in the Westchester County Area (or MA/WI areas), we’d love to help scouts earn some new badges.  

Our outdoor team-building activities are designed for all ages and fitness levels. Teach your boy scouts confidence, leadership, and communication in a thrilling park filled with never-ending fun!

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