We held a contest on Facebook asking people how Boundless Adventures prepares you for the new school year. We loved Jamie Onofrio Franceschini’s well-articulated response (and she is only 8 years old)!
8 year old loves the zip line

Climbing at Boundless Adventures has made me stronger. I have kidney disease and food allergies. Sometimes I have to take lots of medicines for my kidneys or can’t eat something I want because of my allergies. Sometimes I even have to go in the hospital. This can really stink. Climbing at Boundless Adventures lets me have more fun and get better at climbing. It has also helped me forget about my kidney disease and my food allergies.

The first time I went to Boundless Adventures was for my 8th birthday party and I was so excited but I was worried that I would be confused, and fall. But instead I was happy and excited when I started. My favorite thing at Boundless Adventures is the ziplines!!!!!!!!!! The first time I did the zipline I was screaming so loud. When I go on the ziplines I feel happy. After I finally finished the first obstacle course I was relieved that I liked it. Then I went on another one!

I love Boundless Adventures. I told my parents that I wish I could come every day! When I go to Boundless Adventures I have lots of fun, and I can enjoy something with my family. Now that I have climbed three times I’m not afraid anymore. I love to lean back on the platforms and feel free (as seen in the picture). Boundless Adventures gives me something good to look forward to. Next week I am starting third grade. I feel stronger and more confident and can’t wait to climb on the weekends.

I love Boundless Adventures!