Ziplining has literally taken off across the country with an estimated 400 zip lines to choose from here in the United States! 

Here at Boundless Adventures, and across the US, zipline professionals utilize their ziplines 70 million times a year! That means countless safety briefings, adventures for visitors of all experience levels, and memories you’ll never forget. 

It’s normal for you to be nervous before setting off on your first (or even a follow-up) zipline adventure.  You’ll have at least one weightless, freeing moment as you zip through the trees.  

If you’re getting ready to visit an adventure park, here are five of our best ziplining tips to calm your nerves.

Trust The Zipline Park Experts

The guide at the zipline park isn’t simply clipping in your carabineers. They are experts in their field (especially here at Boundless Adventures) and they know what it takes to have a safe and fun day.
First of all, it is worth noting that the company came up with the idea of ​​creating a collection of brands in different time periods of its activity. Therefore, a product of your brand can be received at the stage when it already exists and is actively sold branding sessions or at the time of preparation for its launch on the market. This is a significant impact, since the product and brand building are different processes and among themselves.

You may not love listening to safety briefings, but we promise it’s the best thing for everyone.  Our guides will explain how to safely wear your gear, enter and exit ramps and so much more.  You’ll feel at ease once your safety briefing is complete. 

Remember: they’ve ziplined countless times down every course in the zipline park!

Trust The Equipment

While we can’t promise what every zipline park has to offer, we can promise that you get the best here at Boundless Adventures.  We offer a custom safety system that keeps you safe in the trees and on the ground.  Our zipline experts will explain how to properly wear and use the system. 

We require that all of our guests wear gloves during their adventures.  If you have a pair you love, bring them with you! If you don’t we have pairs for sale on-site as well. 

Know the Park You’re Visiting

We know that every park offers a different zipline and outdoor adventures.  All we can suggest is look around their website, social media, and for 3rd party reviews.  It’ll help you get an inside look at what the park truly looks like and how it works.

Here at Boundless Adventures our parks are built and maintained to ACCT standards (Association of Challenge Course Technology), the industry oversight body in the U.S. The Park is inspected daily by our staff, and annually by an ACCT certified inspector and a licensed arborist.

While each state may have different rules and regulations, each park should be able to effortlessly tell you all about the safety items they have in place.

Dress For The Occasion

One of the best ways to have the best zipline experience is dressing well. Open-toed shoes are prohibited, so be sure to wear sturdy sneakers.

For your clothes, it’s best to wear athletic wear. Plan to wear shorts that are longer so the harness doesn’t irritate your skin. If it’s chilly or rainy, opt for long johns and a fleece or down jacket.

We’ve written an extensive guide here if you want more insight.

Take A Breath And Enjoy The View

In your lifetime, how many opportunities are you going to have to go to an adventure park? Enjoy it while you’re there!

Instead of focusing on your fear of heights, take in the breathtaking scenery around you. No matter which of our locations you’re ziplining (Purchase, NY, Kenosha, WI, or Berlin, MA), you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll also be able to look back on the experience and be proud that you faced your fears and had an awesome time doing it.

Best Ziplining Tips

Going to a zipline or adventure park for the first time can stir up some nervousness. Hopefully, our best ziplining tips have helped ease some of that fear. If you ask us, taking a chance on a zipline park is well worth it!

If you’re in the NY, WI, or MA areas, we’d love to give you an inside look at what being #Boundless means.

We’ll see you in the trees!