Adventure Parks vs Amusement Parks

If your family is looking for an exciting, one-of-a-kind vacation experience for 2018 – look no further! Instead of wasting hours in lines at a traditional amusement park, ask yourself and your family if you’re up for an experience like no other by spending an exciting day outdoors at the best adventure park in New York.

Exploring the Adventure Park vs Amusement Park Debate

Adventure parks are an experience unlike any other. They offer families, outdoor and recreational enthusiasts and those eager for a different experience the fun of enjoying an ultimate playground in the trees. It’s all about active participation with and in nature.

As recently as a decade ago, there were no adventure parks in the United States. Outdoor challenge courses were typically limited to team-building sites for youth groups and corporations. That all changed in the early 2000s when the first pay to play adventure park opened to the public.

Here’s where it gets even better – more of these outdoor adventure parks are on the way to beautiful New York state. If you’re new to this form of recreational fun, the following four exciting elements of our adventure parks will make your trip!

The Great Outdoors vs Miles of Asphalt

When looking at adventure parks vs amusement parks, we’d be doing you a disservice if we looked past the immediate scenery difference. Instead of spending the day on acres of hot concrete (or asphalt), imagine several hours spent touring the treetops while admiring New York’s lush vegetation for as far as the eye can see.

Think of the wonderful views while experiencing the thrill of flying over the tops of trees at top speed or while testing yourself during the challenge of completing a rope or obstacle course while in the trees!

We know that sometimes you just need the thrill of a roller coaster, but we promise you’ll get that same jolt of excitement as you adventure through nature.

The bottom line is that the scenery is very different when comparing adventure parks vs amusement parks.

How Many People Are There?

Amusement parks and adventure parks were created to connect people with some of the greatest thrills that the world has to offer.

One of the perks of adventure parks when comparing them to amusement parks is that they are usually less crowded and more personal than an amusement park.

At Boundless Adventures we book our guests in blocks of time so that everyone can enjoy the adventure to the fullest. At amusement parks you can spend hours on line between all of the different rides.

While we know that amusement parks do regular inspections to keep the rides safe for the thousands of people that visit daily, we use some of the most advanced safety equipment available for you.

Here we make safety a personal goal to ensure that your only excitement comes from the next part of the course. It’s why we make guests of all ages wear a full-body harness and are secured to a safety line through dual carabiner belay system. This prevents you from becoming disconnected from the safety line until they return safely to ground level. This system allows you to fully and safely enjoy the adventure courses knowing you’re completely secure.

Our trained guide will instruct you on every aspect of the safety equipment before you hit the courses.

Your Ride and Course Options

While we know that most adventure parks won’t have more courses than amusement parks have rides, we’re confident that you’ll have a better time here.

That’s because true thrill seekers and those looking for adventure know that when it comes to adventure parks vs amusement parks, adventure parks have the edge.

It’s not about the number of courses but the challenges they offer, the excitement of taking the leap and feeling free in nature.

Our adventure park offers a total of nine different courses, with four types designed for beginners to experts. All of our courses feature elements which can include rope walks, moving planks, tunnels, zip lines, cargo nets, and more.

Here’s a quick look at our customized courses:

  • Exploration Courses: At 10 feet above ground, these courses are perfect for younger children (ages 7 and up) or anyone new to adventure parks.
  • Motivation Courses: These courses are slightly more challenging and higher off the ground at 15 feet. They include longer zip lines, elements that literally roll you from one tree to the next, and ladders.
  • Strength Courses: At about 22 feet off the ground, these courses offer more challenging obstacles, including rope bridges and harder rolling elements and ladders.
  • Conquer Courses: Considered our expert courses, these are set at up to 40 feet above ground level. These courses require more agility, strength, and balance. If you have no fear of heights and are ready for an adrenaline rush, these are the courses for you.

Finding Something for Everyone

While you’re free to try (and master) as many courses as you like during your unique, three-hour adventure in the trees, our parks also include inviting walking paths and comfortable benches to enjoy.

Climbers, friends and family members who prefer not to climb will enjoy taking in the local scenery and the activities above from ground level. There is no charge for parking or admission if you plan to watch as your friends or family members enjoy their time in the trees.

The Winner of the Adventure Parks vs Amusement Parks Battle

Ultimately, they’re both great options depending on what you’re looking to do for your next adventure. We’re obviously biased in saying that we recommend adventure parks, but that’s because we love being in the trees.

Getting to experience the park while in the trees will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

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