Since the start of 2020, we have experienced what can only be considered a whirlwind: a whirlwind of events, of information, and of emotions. Life has been uncertain to say the least, and as uncertainty remains at the forefront of our thoughts, anxiety begins to creep in. Our fears take over easily, and as humans we tend to succumb to the pressures of the unknown. Though the circumstances in our current times may be unique, fear is by no means a new concept in our lives.

We all have our hesitations and our phobias. Some of these are backed by science or fact, while others we may deem irrational. We say to ourselves, “If only I were more brave!”, or, “Imagine what I could do if there was nothing holding me back!” More often than not, however, it is our own minds that keep us from our achievements. It is our own selves who prevent us from being brave, and from facing our fears. Trust us–we are somewhat of what you may call experts when it comes to facing your fears. After all–our adventure parks are built around the concept of climbing, both literally and figuratively, to new heights. We challenge our guests to climb up amongst the trees, and give themselves over to nature in all of its unpredictable glory.

Adventure Parks Are 2020’s Best Kept Secret

Adventure parks are the best kept secret in the world of overcoming fear; they are the key to realizing potential and tackling our anxieties. Boundless Adventures is a physical manifestation of the mental obstacles we navigate on our way to triumph. Just as a child may contemplate the water from the six foot high diving board or inch slowly backwards as the creepy-crawler inches forwards, that same child can strap on a helmet, step into a harness, and climb, glide, and swing. They can experience what it is like to crash down the boundaries that oppose them. 

At our park, people of all ages can come explore how far they can really go in the direction of adventure. They can perhaps quite literally face their fear of heights; but, what they can also do is use our courses to free themselves of whatever it is in life that is holding them back. Each meticulously placed step and each hand reaching out to help a friend are the confidence boosts that many of us so need without even realizing it. 

Finding Outdoor Adventure in NY, MA & WI

Between our three locations in Purchase, NY, Berlin MA, and Kenosha, WI, and nine courses at each, we offer plenty of opportunity for the brave-hearted, and those who may just need a little push in the right direction. Don’t worry, though, if you aren’t ready to dive right into the deep end: children as young as seven can start with our Exploration Courses, and in a few years find themselves on a Motivation Course. Older and more audacious guests may find themselves on the Strength or Conquerer Courses right from the beginning of their visit, the latter of which boasts heights of thirty to forty feet in the air. No matter which obstacles you complete, we can guarantee you will leave feeling like a warrior.

If an escape is what you need, while still being grounded in reality, then you are in the right place. Our roots grow deep, and remind us that the first step is all we need in order to unlock a world of opportunity. As you zip line down to the end of your journey, the wind rushing across your face, you will come to realize that you are all you need in order to be brave. Your possibilities are endless–or should we say–boundless.