It sounds like you’re searching for the ultimate zipline adventure for you (and possibly your family) in the Worcester area (Metro West). The good news is that picking the perfect park can mean memories that will last a lifetime, the bad news is that if you don’t do some research beforehand, you might not have the experience you hoped for.

As one of the top zipline parks in the Worcester county area, we’ve become experts of sorts on clothing recommendations, keys to look for in a zipline park and so much more.

The great thing about Boundless Adventures is that we’re so much more than just ziplines. We’re an outdoor adventure park that encompasses the best of the outdoors, which just happens to include ziplines. 

So let’s take a look at the insider recommendations we make to family and friends whenever they call, because you’re practically family of Boundless Adventures already. 

Picking the Right Attire for Your Metro West Zipline Adventure

Ziplining requires the use of a harness and additional equipment. This means the wrong type of clothing has the potential to get in the way and possibly even pose a safety hazard. 

While pants may be the first thing to come to mind, shorts are perfectly okay as well. Just make sure you pick a pair that is closer to knee length as the zipline harness may make things uncomfortable if your shorts are too short. Though there is no danger in shorts riding upward, it will prove uncomfortable.

When in doubt, wear long pants or capris to ensure maximum comfort. Ideally, the pants or shorts you wear will be specifically designed for physical activities such as hiking. If you have shorts/pants that wick away moisture, they will prove optimal for your zipline experience.

In terms of shirts, choose a garment that can be tucked into your pants/shorts or one that is properly fitted so it does not ride upward. This way, your shirt will not bunch below the harness or ride upward as you zipline. Do not choose a shirt that is overly-tight as you will benefit from a considerable range of motion while zip-lining. 

When it comes to footwear, closed-toed shoes are optimal. A bit of climbing is necessary to reach the zipline starting point. Furthermore, you will land feet-first on the platform at the end of the zip line so closed-toed shoes are ideal.

In fact, we’ve already written in detail about other things we recommend wearing (or considering) for your Worcester zipline adventure. We’d say it’s a must-read before venturing out to the park.

Picking the Best Zipline Park in Worcester County

There are several different ways you can evaluate a zipline park in the Metro West area (or any area you may be located.) 

We’ve decided to look at these three main factors: 

  • Communication
  • Activities & Adventures Offered
  • What is everyone else saying

While we’d love to believe that Boundless Adventures is the perfect zipline and outdoor adventure spot for you and your family, we know that there are other parks you may consider. Whether it’s due to being too far from one of our parks or having a recommendation elsewhere, we hope you evaluate each park before you buy your tickets.

We want you to have an incredible experience ziplining in Worcester, Berlin or any other place you choose to visit. 

Here’s where we’d start our evaluation.

Tip #1 For a Great Zipline Adventure: Communication

They say communication is the key to life, it’s also a key component of outdoor adventure parks. 

We know it sounds silly, but you want a park that keeps you in the loop and shares everything they know.

It’s not enough to simply post rules and pricing about the park. The zipline employees should explain the merits of their park, answer all questions and address any concerns you may have.

Their website may give you the inside scoop, but a quick phone call or visit to the park should make you feel right at home.

If you feel as though the zip line park representative does not answer questions or provide information in a professional manner, move on to the next park on your list. 

You should know exactly what the park is like prior to visiting the facility. If the website lacks information about the zipline, programs, and guidelines, we’d look at other options.

We recommend taking a look at their social media channels, where they may feature live videos of the courses, testimonials from past visitors or even news stories featuring the park. 

As a whole, this open transparency should give you an idea of what the park is all about.

Tip #2 For a Great Zipline Adventure: Activities & Adventures Offered

The best outdoor adventure parks offer more than just ziplines. Look for a place that offers an outdoor adventure where you can zipline, climb and experience the outdoors. 

Our Metro West zipline park features a high ropes course that provides guests with the opportunity to climb, swing and balance their way through an array of beautiful trees. 

Tip #3 For a Great Zipline Adventure: See What Everyone Else is Saying

While we want you to form your own opinion of each zipline park in the Worcester area, we encourage you to look at reviews online.

You’ll find feedback on Google, Yelp and a ton of other places which should help paint a picture of the park from the guest perspective.

We also recommend looking at their social media channels to see what videos they post, what news stations cover them and if they’ve been featured in the news or magazines.  

It’ll give you the complete picture and will help you decide if this Worcester (Metro West) Zipline park is the perfect place for you, your friends or your family to have a blast.

Worcester County’s Top Zipline Adventure

No matter how many guides or videos you watch, there’s truly only one way to pick the perfect place for your next adventure: take a leap of faith. 

Whether you choose to adventure with us here at Boundless Adventures or are traveling across the country to a different park, look for the park that connects with your sense of adventure.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, leave your day open for an experience of a lifetime and bring family and friends along for the trip. 

We can’t wait to hear all about your latest Zipline adventure!