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What Should You Wear on a Zipline Adventure?

February 2, 2022

Zipling is a fun, exciting sport that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. In 2001, experts estimate that there were just 10 commercial ziplines in the U.S. Now that number is in the hundreds, with more popping up each day.

Whether you’re trying out this exciting sport for the first time or you’re already an experienced zipliner, you may find yourself wondering what to wear ziplining for maximum comfort, safety, and fun.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide, to help you choose everything from clothing to GoPro mounts to wear or bring on your next ziplining adventure.

Please keep in mind the time of year that you’re going ziplining! If it’s projected to be cool out, we’d skip on our shorts recommendation and wear an extra layer or two!

Pants, Capris, Leggings, or Long Shorts

When you’re first deciding what to wear ziplining, pants will likely be the first thing that you’ll think about. It’s also one of the most important decisions you’ll make, because choosing the right ones can be the difference between a fun trip and a very uncomfortable one.

The harness that you’ll wear when ziplining or exploring a high ropes course goes under your legs and around your waist, securing you tightly to the line above your head. Shorts that are too short may ride up when your harness is tightened, or when you’re zipping down the line.

While this won’t put you in any risk, it can be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for shorts that reach to knee length or slightly above, or play it safe with capris, long pants, or leggings. Pants and shorts that are designed for working out or hiking, with moisture wicking, close-fitting fabric, are a great choice. They’ll help keep you cool and prevent chafing.

Shirts That You’re Comfortable In

Just as shorts can ride up while ziplining, shirts may ride up or get bunched beneath your harness, leaving you uncomfortable. A t-shirt that is long enough to tuck into your pants or one that is fitted enough that it won’t ride up is a good choice.

When you’re considering what to wear ziplining, keep in mind that ziplining is an outdoor activity, even if it doesn’t require much physical agility.

While you won’t have to do any heavy hiking, climbing, or other strenuous activity to enjoy the zip line, you’ll be more comfortable in clothing that you would wear to workout or go hiking. This will give you a greater range of motion, and help to prevent chaffing or heavy sweating in the heat.

Close-toed Shoes

No list of what to wear zip lining would be complete without a section on shoes. Many people neglect to consider what kind of shoes to bring along. Since you don’t need your feet while speeding down the zip line, many people don’t think that they’ll need close-toed shoes.

But you’ll have to climb to get to the start of your zipline and land on a platform at the end of it. Close-toed shoes help to prevent any accidents before and after riding the zipline.

Additionally, make sure that your shoes are tied or cinched on tight so that they won’t fall off when you’re zipping down the line. It’s so important that you wear close-toed shoes that it’s actually a rule.

Without proper footwear, you won’t get to enjoy your ziplining adventure in our NY or MA park, so make sure that you dress appropriately.


Even in the shade of the trees, rays of sunshine, along with dangerous UV rays, peek through. If you’d wear sunscreen to go to the beach, you should apply sunscreen before you go ziplining, to help keep you safe and comfortable.

GoPro Chest Mount

If you’ve ever watched a zipline video on Facebook or YouTube, you know how thrilling they can be. Capturing your own is easy, with the right equipment.

If you have a GoPro and want to use it to tape your ziplining adventure, you’ll need a mount that won’t interfere with your harness. A chest strap mount is a good choice, as it leaves your hands free and won’t get in your way. In one of our earlier articles we talk about capturing the perfect selfie while ziplining.

This is the perfect way to get the experience, without risking holding your cell phone out in the air!

Choosing What to Wear Ziplining

This guide can help you figure out what your best clothing choices are for your next zipline adventure. But many of the decisions will ultimately be up to personal preference.

Make sure that what you choose to wear is something that you’re going to be comfortable and happy wearing. Ziplining is an exciting sport that’s great for people of any skill level or age. If you’re ready to try ziplining for yourself, check out our locations to find one that’s close to you!  

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