Organizations use Ropes Courses to build confidence, improve communications skills and foster team-building. So it seems to reason a family could benefit from a day of conquering fears together.  Our family spent a day in the tree canopy at Bounldess Adventures solving challenges on their ropes course.  Boundless Adventures has 200-acre space in Bristol Woods in Kenosha, WI with over 100 rope bridges, 19 ziplines and 3 leaps of faith.


Like most families, ours has a range of comfort levels for outdoor adventure sports.  So traversing the obstacles at Boundless Adventures as a family definitely required good communication, trust and a bit of patience.   We all began together on a beginner course and coached each other along through each challenge.  As confidence grew some of our family advanced to more difficult courses, they offer beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert courses.  Some of our family preferred to stay on the beginner and intermediate course, however the layout of the courses allowed those not on the course to stand below and provide advice or words of inspiration to those above.  


As a parent I enjoyed watching my kids choose to tackle obstacles in their own unique ways and then sharing their tips and advice to family members to follow.  Slowly, our family was figuring out and communicating to each other the best strategies to conquer each type of obstacle.  I didn’t realize it immediately, but thinking back, I am realizing the ability to communicate with each other and to coach each other through a challenge is a skill that will transfer well from the ropes course to life.


We spent three phone-free hours on the course, breathing in fresh air and the time flew by.  We worked up an appetite so we grabbed lunch nearby and enjoyed reminiscing on our favorite obstacles and our great family-friendly experience. 



This guest post was provided by Todd McClamroch, editor of a blog focused on Wisconsin Family Travel. highlights great family friendly destinations throughout Wisconsin.