The Boundless Adventures team had the privilege and the honor to receive the visit of Kyle Van Noy, American football linebacker for the New England Patriots. As part of National Foster Care Month, Kyle and his wife, Marissa, worked with Wonderfund to bring 50 foster kids and their families to our Aerial Adventure Park in Berlin, Massachusetts.

aerial adventure park

“I got to go get my mind right,” Kyle said, walking out to scope his field of play for the day. For an athlete, this mental preparation is expected, but on May 15, it wasn’t a football field he is scouting.

Together with the families, Kyle secured himself into a harness, scaled the heights and navigated zip Lines and obstacles high above the ground. As he moved through the second highest route, a vocal teenager in front of him gently teased Kyle, whose feet were too big for the footholds on one challenge.

The Wonderfund is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 that serves children engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families through a unique and exclusive partnership.

“People graze over this month a bit, and we just want to shed a light on it and show that foster care matters. People matter,” Kyle said.

Spending your day at Boundless Adventures is a great way to builds relationships, to play outside and allows families to just have fun as they challenge themselves.

kids playing outside

Kyle Van Noy said to the New England Patriots press: “It’s just so fun to get to know people and build relationships. For them too, it’s confidence,” Kyle said. “Just seeing their confidence of working together, getting stuck in a certain situation and cheering each other on or razzing me getting stuck. Just little things like that to get away and have a good time, it really is a blessing.”

Boundless Adventure Team reached the Kraft Foundation in 2018 with the intention of strengthening our community and giving opportunity for children with special needs to use the structure of our parks.

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